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    New user to this forum so I hope this is the right place for my questions. We are from Australia

    We are planning a road trip to grand caynon staying one night at the South rim then we are going to the North rim. Will it be open? Going end of april
    We plan to stay at bryce caynon then next day travel to yosemite. Given that the pass will be closed which is the best route. Want to go thru Death Valley.
    As we are starting this part of our trip in vegas do we have to go back thru vegas to get to death valley.
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    Default Yes and No

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    The South Rim is open year round, but the North Rim gets snowed in each year and the road in isn't opened up until mid May. Much of west central Nevada is restricted military land, including nuclear test facilities and the infamous Area 51, so your only viable alternative between Bryce Canyon and Death Valley is back through Las Vegas. And since Tioga Pass (CA-120) over the Sierra Nevada will also be snowed in until well into May, your only choice for getting from Death Valley to Yosemite is to take CA-190 west out of the Valley and then circumnavigate the mountains to the south via US-395/CA-14/CA-58 and CA-99 through Mojave and Bakersfield.


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    Default How much time?

    You won't have much time at the South rim when considering the drive times either side of your one night stay so you could concentrate on having quality time there. There is also Zion NP to consider, another gem of the NP system !

    One problem though.....................

    We plan to stay at bryce caynon then next day travel to yosemite. Given that the pass will be closed which is the best route. Want to go thru Death Valley.
    ........ do you mean same day ? Going through Death valley on route between Bryce and Yosemite just isn't possible and would be a packed full 2 day trip. Thinking about it, although the North rim is closed, did you mean South rim to North rim to Bryce all in the same day ? You could be hugely underestimating the distances and size of the NPs'.

    To get from Bryce to Yosemite by the quickest route is going to take about 13/14 hours without getting off the main highway's and/or sight see and is too much to do in a day and make it fun, or more importantly, safe.

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    Bryce to Death Valley to Yosemite will take you back through Las Vegas. To travel from the GC to Yosemite through Bryce and Death Valley and being able to see anything is a 4 day trip at the least. From DV, you would have to go south to either CA-178 or CA-58 to Bakersfield to get across the Sierras and up to Yosemite via the south entrance.

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