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  1. Default Smoky Mtns on the way of a Wisconsin to Florida road trip

    We are driving straight through from Wisconsin to Florida for spring break and would like to see the Smoky Mtns during daylight. Also, we want to avoid the risk of driving through the mountains in the dark. Our route will take I-65/I-24/I-75. At what point will we start to approach the mountains and when would we be out of the mountains going South? Thanks!

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    Well, you can certainly go through them during the daylight - because you'll go through them whenever you decide to.

    What concerns me most about your question is that you seem to imply that you would be driving straight through, which is not safe or reasonable at all. Even the southern most part of WI to the Northern most part of FL is a full 2 day drive, and trying to do it in less time than that is very very dangerous (even with multiple drivers.)

    Basically with the route you've listed you'll be dealing with mountains all the way from Nashville to Atlanta, but the Smokies are not on the path you've described. Taking I-24 out of Nashville will put you to the south of the National Park. You'd actually need to get over to I-75, either cutting from Louisville to Lexington or Indy to Cinci.

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    Default Straight through = bad idea

    Every year, Spring Break "straight through" accidents occur. It is impossible to get decent rest in a moving vehicle, simple as that.

    MM is correct about your route: You're not going through the Smokies. From Nashville, TN to Chattanooga you'll pass through a fairly rugged section of the Cumberland Plateau and from Chattanooga to Atlanta you'll cross the southern extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but you'll pass no closer than perhaps 75 miles from the Smokies. I-75 through the Blue Ridge is not a challenging segment.


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