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    Hi, We are from Venezuela and we are planning to visit my sister in Waxhaw, NC. We'll arrive to Miami (may 26th) and rent a car to NC. We are planning a two day trip to NC. Since we are traveling with kids (18 month baby and a 6 year old). I would like some tips from you guys. Where should we stop and spend the night?. What cities should we see?.

    We'll return on June 4th, from NC to Orlando, FL. Also a two day drive. This time we were thinking to stop and spend the night in Savannah, GA. What are your recomendations for this part of the trip?.

    Then we'll go back to Miami on June 12th and back to Venezuela. Thank you in advance for all the tips you could tell us.


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    In order to not have an excessively long drive the second day, you would need to make it as far as Jacksonville the first day. It's about a 7 to 8 hour drive from there to Charlotte. There is a lot to see all the way up the Florida coast. There's the Kennedy Space Center, Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine, among many others. You wouldn't have a lot of time to stop, it's about a 6 hour drive from Miami to Jacksonville via I-95 straight through.

    On the way back, Savannah is an excellent choice, and this would roughly break the drive in half. You could spend an afternoon, night, and morning there - it's about a 5 hour drive from Charlotte to Savannah and from Savannah to Orlando.

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