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    Hi, my husband and I are traveling on a tight timeline, so would appreciate a shorter touch n go scenic route to cover the places that we wanted to visit.

    We are arriving from Las Vegas on the 10th May and departing US on 16th May from Newark Airport

    We intend to move off from Washington on the 11th afternoon and hope to cover Amish Country en-route to Buffalo. Perhaps stay the night at Lancaster?
    From Niagara Fall, we hope to cover the Finger Lakes scenery en-route to Boston. Is it possible to cover within 2.5 days? Or is it too tight?

    If time does not permit, we wonder if we should skip Boston and travel directly to New York City?


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    It would take you nearly the full 2½ days just to make the drive from Washington to Niagara Falls to Boston to Newark. As I read your plans you have 4½ days for your tour of the Northeast. So, yes it's possible to get to all the places you list, but in my experience there is little point in driving to a city if you can only spend less than a day there. Yeah, I'd save Boston for another trip and concentrate on the scenery and countryside in the Washington/Niagara/New York area.

    Have a read through these two discussions:

    NYC to Niagara Falls
    Great Dogleg Trip in the Northeast

    for some further ideas and recommendations.


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    Thanks AZBuck. We are reviewing our itinerary based on your advice.

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