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  1. Default Lynchburg VA to Portland ME....Any destination ideas??

    Planning a roadtrip from Lynchburg, VA to Portland Maine this weekend....Please comment on any cool back country roads/places to visit. Thanks!!

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    Default What Do You Have in Mind?

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    Is this weekend RoadTrip a one-way or round trip? If the later, you simply don't have time for such an endeavor even by using Interstates the entire way up and back. If it's a one-way, then you should be looking at using roads such as US-29/US-15/US-209/US-20/US-202. But even as a two day one-way trip you really don't have the time for serious back-roads and sight seeing.


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    It is a weeklong two way trip....

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    That does help a lot. How many days do you want to take, each way? That's going to pretty much dictate how far afield you can get and how many attractions you spend any kind of time at. What are your specific interests?

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    Okay, since you are from one little cool place headed for another.. I might understand what you are looking for.. It is hard though.. You are looking for back roads.. I have been there! I was once driving through PA and just had to stop here and there to look at ponds or streams.. I just had to.. I mean it was right there! Those two lane roads are neat.. I fought with my now husband to not get back on the interstate.. He won when it got dark though.

    The "cool" factor was present because really, the other stuff that wasn't cool wasn't there! So you *might* just for some odd reason, look up some stuff your not interested in.. I am thinking more malls and Walmarts.. those land masses.. but not really, I mean you might find them in the middle of a big little route scramble, KWIM? Google earth is a big help.. You just kind of center your self and then start typing in stuff, Tatoos, Thrift stores, pizza by another name, etc. The best find I have come up with along these lines is for my foodie heart, The site has the ability to do road trips and comes up with a whole printable program. These sustainable types have an in on another thing, NATURE! They really prefer to be next to them and gloat about it sometimes in some form when you read on them. The other thing of course is nature.. like little lakes around a small town.. those are so pretty, sometimes "going down" in google earth a few times on "Main st" help you get a clue.

    Another not so pretty place is factory farming.. sometimes there are processing plants near by, sometimes you nearly can avoid them, but the maps take seconds to load and you can find them because they are the little blue dots. Another thing is NPR's Energy Map.. maybe a Nuclear power plant is not the kind of place you are looking for? Those are kind of big right? Paper mills I have heard stink big time.

    Maybe Flea Markets? Those might be held somewhere fun?

    Okay, but let's break it down would I would do.. I would go to google earth and try a trip planner, or maybe map quest? Click "stay off interstates" and that should really help. Then try to print out the eat well guide, note which ones boast "little town" or something cool, like "Mountain park nearby" and then even go on Airbnb (and some one else mentioned "Homeaway") and then for kicks, google earth closely what you are about to do, Count, just for fun the big sprawling concrete centers you see and find out if there is anything cool about there or if you are going to drive through. Last, go on Flickr!!! You gotta type in "New Hampshire" and "Nature" and see what they come up with.. I would think that some coolness could be found along the route of Woodstock/Catskill/Hudson NY and would bring you around out of the way of NYC, but I am not sure if going coastal would be faster or better? Back roads sound "back" .. but then again.. the NPR energy map (go explore... you have to click all the little settings to see stuff).. because between that and google earth you will find really big energy output.. not back road at all. The organic map of the northeast is a great hint too. Yeah, you kind of do need to pin down a little, I sometimes love to see covered bridges and waterfalls in towns, but lake beaches with parks with public carousels are fine too! Birding websites and maps, or even national geographic books are nice too (I wish they had something like a route guide!) Because really amazing birds are usually found in very back road places.. good hint.. unless of course coastal.. U=pic farms are my last hint, but also.. maybe Lavender farms? Or wild flowers? Bee farms? This kind of thing gives you a cluster of people.. but seriously, that eatwellguide - I downloaded the PDF and found out that they are connected to a lot of nature conservation people.. they guide lists all kinds of eating places, but also "Orgs" and BnB... so they kind of get you a path anyway.. again.. most "homes" of these people are around nature and skirting parks..

    Goodluck! Please post back here what you found! Oh, and Etsy is a fun kind of place to find people that are cool.. but not sure.. What I mean to say is.. I think vintage or antique stores.. mom and pop places.. "earl's shoes" are the little townships you might want to stay close too..

    I think if you actually do most of it by your nose after "seeing" a lottttt of it through google earth searches of "what if" you are going to have a grand time!!! I once learned there was a paper mill in a certain location and that another lake had birds and oddly, I can't forget it.. study up and you will be prepared for that "chance" looks good this way moment :). AAA might actually be a good step for you too, for the maps you can scribble on. Sometimes the hotels are nice at anytime of night and I know Airbnb mostly has some three night stay (or not, haven't hunted, but seems like it) and you should just straight up see these "locations" because cool people do this stuff and they have loads of info on those BnB places.. yeah, BnB.. they kind of do pick really "back" places to set up if you think about it.

    Edited: Yeah, wow, well was like 1k places when I entered in the direct route, because then it hit every big city mecca in that route.. went over to google maps, put in the same specs but clicked the options for avioding hwy and tolls, and just like I thought - It takes you up and around NYC and all other cites..think in that order before hitting eatwell, because it may be better to break up the route or just "pDF print a couple options, not the big city ones.

    I am about to undertake a mega road trip.. to home :) I haven't found it yet.. I help others for good karma.. I am going to find this place that is just like the digs I have now.. 25 fruit trees surrounding our little homes (it was a tear down and "secret garden" we got lucky!) I am hoping to stumble on just the place and have many pear, cherry, apple and grapes already there.. I saw a little home in your area on green homes. We are heading towards a bunch of good friends and family in VA, but we can't settle until we have seen the "wilder" east coast.. it is there. I have seen it on flickr. The homes are really affordable too. So many reasons, but we are hoping to find home in NC/TN/VA too, something is pulling my to the NE pretty badly though.. I can't figure it out yet. Uhmm, I really want to know how it goes okay? My family is facing me moving to CA to live in Organica, so they are pretty chill about me getting a home in New England and one in NC too, or a winter time share.. Like Jan-March :D!!

    Anyway.. I liked the route to Woodstock, NY, seem to be in greener areas near forests, then the direct route.. maybe play with that? And Lavender farms did bring up a good order of places.. The thing I was trying to get at was the coast of Maine, but that is beyond Portland! Maybe take an hour drive?

    Oh and have you heard the song by Matt and Kim? Daylight! That is so fun for what you are doing!!! "And in the daylight we could hitch hike to Maine yeah cause someday I'll see without these frames, In the daylight I don't pick up my phone cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home!"
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    Thank you for such an informative post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and picked up much for my next trip.

    Lifey who likes cool back road attractions

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