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    Default thelma and louisin it -without the cliff lol

    ok so im takin a vacation without the hubby and kids-my girl moved away so im flyin to TN to meet up with her. We have decided to road trip it to four corners and backto TN. We wanna go diff way there and back and see all the crazy, weird and memorable stuff. We have 6 days -any advice or must sees???

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    The fact is that while such a trip is possible, you'll be spending almost the entire 6 days sitting in the car. So get some good tunes for the CD/Cassette/8-Track and settle in. I'd suggest taking the 'fast' route westward and then see how much time you really have for the return trip. That would be I-40 to Albuquerque and then US-550/US-64 up to the Four Corners area. IF time then permits, you can take a slower alternative route back such as US-160/US-50/US-400/US-60/US-63. But first and foremost give some serious thought to how much time you really want to spend in the car versus setting aside some time to actually experience some great locations with your friend.


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