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  1. Default Unsure if Yosemite will suit?

    Hi, am planning a road trip starting the 17th may from san fran, Its only my second time in the states so im not sure if what i plan will work out-here it is, any imput is greatly appreciated.Thanks.

    17th May- pick up rental car in san fran (Chevy Tahoe) and head to napa valley (Calistoga) stay for one night

    18th Drive to Old town sacramento again for the night

    19th head to South lake tahoe, one night via highway 50

    20th Drive down the 395 to Yosemite village, taking the 120 (not sure if this will be open so if you have any alternative suggestions they will be very welcome)

    21st Take the 395 down to buffalo

    22nd Drive to furnace creek via the 190, spend a night camping

    23rd On to vegas for a few days.

    If anyone has experience of this route in around may time your advice would be great, also if going by this route what are the mus see's along the way?

    Thanks Again!

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    Default Tricky.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You are travelling right at that time where it is impossible to say whether the Tioga will be open or not and that makes it tricky to plan. Although we don't do 'must See's' as everyone is different, Yosemite would be the top of my list. Even if the high ground is closed the waterfalls will be flowing into the valley from the snow melt and will make a spectacular sight.

    As it is, you have little time there to explore Yosemite, even if Tioga was open. If Tioga is closed I would go from Wine country direct to Yosemite and then to Tahoe. Your other option would be to head South from Yosemite to Sequoia NP and around the Southern end of the Sierra's via Bakersfield to Death valley.
    21st Take the 395 down to buffalo
    Bishop ?

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    Thanks for the reply
    Yea had meant Bishop, had chosen this as it seemed a good halfway point but otherwise know very little about it. Would be able to take two days in yosemite/seqouia if one would be too short.

    As for roads from the west side of the parks to the east are there many besides 108 & 155, as i am using google maps it may not be the most accurate.

    Had wanted to take the 395 but would happily crisscross through the park if possible.

    Any reccomendations on accomidation along the route?would like to keep to a reasonable budget.


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    Google mapping is accurate for creating routes and by zooming in you can see good detail, you can then 'drag and drop' by putting your cursor on the blue line to alter your route accordingly. It is the travel time estimates that are unreliable and over optimistic in the real world.

    Sometimes SR108 an SR4 open a little earlier than Tioga, but you won't be able to rely on either of those being open either at this point. 88 or US50 could be your first options North of Yosemite.

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    88 and 50 are maintained year-round, but subject to chain restrictions and/or temporary closures. The odds of having any issues in May are not great at all. If 108 and/or 4 are open, 108 is an easier drive, 4 is very narrow, steep, and winding. However, you may get lucky and 120/Tioga might be open.

    If you take 88, the 89 "shortcut" over Monitor Pass to 395 may not be open yet - this also closes for the winter.

    Going south, 155, 178, and 58 are open year-round.

    Here are the opening and closing dates for the passes for the past several years.

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    Thanks for the info and link, fingers crossed the pass is open.
    As for the towns the route or within yosemite itself does anyone have any reccomendations for nightlife or accomodation, we are two couples in our mid 20's and enjoy lively bars but also appreciate a relaxed atmosphere.

    Thanks again for your help!

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