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  1. Default advice on road trip in south west USA

    Hi everyone.

    Myself and my girlfriend are planning a road trip in the USA for 31 days. We Land in LA form England and pick up an RV the next day. This will probably be the first of many posts seeking help and advice and I'm sure I'll be asking loads more questions when they come up but was wondering if you guys could give be some advice on a few things.

    We are using an RV from escape campervans of LA. Has anyone on here used or heard of them before? We decided on them as the campervans are small and economical. Their website is:

    One of the Legs of the journey is going from San Diego to Las Vegas. we have 2 nights in San Diego and have around 4 days to travel up from there to Vegas.
    Could anyone tell me where would be a good place to stop on the way. Was thinking of Spending a day or two in the Mojave national park but not really sure where the best attractions are in Mojave. Other than there we don't really know what there is to do or see between San Diego and Vegas... Any suggestions, advice or must see attraction ideas greatly appreciated.

    Still looking for a place to stay in San Diego if anyone has any recommendations? looking for as cheap as possible, either in an RV park or in a hotel/hotel. would ideally be as central to nightlife and attractions as possible.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help.


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    Default Worth enquiring

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I have not heard of that company, nor can I think of anyone on this forum finding them before.

    However, looking purely at their website, it looks like a reasonable company. I don't see any big red flags or unreasonable promises. They only require a $200 deposit, so even in the worst case you wouldn't be out too much cash. I would recommend that you pay the fee for the unlimited miles, as the 100 a day included really is not much, unless you plan to spend the entire months around Southern California. They also say they are on average 10 years old, so I'd make sure you know their policy for potential breakdowns.

    We get a lot of people interested in campervan rentals, but There are not many campervan rental options in the US - as nearly all tend to run towards the larger RVs. If you do go this route, we'd love to hear back about your experience.

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    Default Have been on my 'Radar' before.

    I can't vouch for them personally, but I have seen them around and there vans advertised through agencies as well. I personally would be happy to use them, but you must do your own checks and make your own mind up as like I say, I have no personal experience of them. As Michael mentioned, Campervan rentals in the US are rare and can be costly. Two others I have come across but not used are; Leaving Las Vegas Campervans and a slightly cheaper van conversion company called Lost Campers in San Francisco.

    Here's an article on Mojave National Preserve and you could also consider heading through Anza Borrego desert park and up through Joshua tree NP and into Mojave. Have a look at the Map Centre where you can create routes and find attractions and also have a good look around the forums. Once you have a few ideas down we can help piece the bits together.

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