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  1. Default Bryce Canyon to Los Angeles

    This summer our family (kids 8 & 9) will be touring the Southwest. One part of our trip is still not planned and I would love some advice.

    We will leave Bryce Canyon in the afternoon and need to check into our LAX hotel in the evening of the next day. Can anyone suggest a route with an interesting overnight stop over. By that stage of our trip we will already have visited the Grand Canyon via Kingman so are looking for something West of that.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is always very difficult to try to guess what you might be interested, especially when you've got an entire trip planned and are only showing us a small part of it.

    Some obvious possibilities for stops could include Zion, Death Valley, or Las Vegas itself, but I think if you shared your entire plan we could offer better ideas that factor in the whole of your trip.

  3. Default Zion

    I've often recommended Zion to families with young boys, and for good reason: the Narrows river walk. What youngsters wouldn't enjoy walking IN the river, through a canyon with 1000 foot walls towering overhead? You can walk several minutes, several hours, or even overnight!

    Do some research for river conditions. Sometimes the water is low and the current slow. Other times there are serious dangers of deadly flash floods. But if you go during the dry season, you'll have a wonderful experience. Check some of my earlier posts for more info and links.

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    As you would have travelled from GC to Bryce, Zion really does make the most sense, a true gem of the NP system. You could easily spend the whole day there which would leave you a full 10 hour day to drive back from Springdale [ideal for lodging for Zion] to your Hotel with LA traffic considered. If that's a bit much you could head to St George, Mesquite or even Vegas in the evening, Vegas being about 3 hours away.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great suggestions. Sorry I have been offline recently as I had a really sick child. Thankfully she is now fully recovered and we are able to do our trip in summer. Lots of planning to do now though so doubly grateful for all the suggestions.

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    Glad your child is doing better.

    If you spend part of your day in Zion NP, then you'd probably want to stay in
    Las Vegas or if you feel more ambitious, Barstow, CA.

    From Las Vegas, it's about a 5 hour drive to LA. From Barstow, probably about 2.5 hours.

    You could also drive through Death Valley and stay in DV, Shoshone, or at Death Valley
    Junction at the Amargosa Opera House.

    I've stayed at the Amargosa Opera House and the lodgings are a little rustic, but
    it's an interesting place.

    Another option, though much longer would be to drive to CA through Tonopah into
    the Owens Valley of CA and stay in Bishop, CA or one of the other towns
    in the Owens Valley. There's a small B&B in Independence (never stayed there) that
    looks interesting from the outside. That's a lot of driving though.

    Bishop to Los Angeles is about 5 hours.

    Needless to say, but it will be very hot in the desert.

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