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  1. Default Mercedes E-class on road trips?


    I'm planning on taking a road trip from Portland, OR to Las Vegas, NV (passing through California) some time in two weeks.

    I have a 2005 Mercedes E500 (V8 engine, 5.0L, currently 79K miles on it)...Do you think it's a good idea to take such a car on a road trip? or should I look into renting a car (which i'd prefer not to)?

    What are the pros and cons?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a fairly new luxury car with low miles and a powerful engine.

    Sorry, I'm really not seeing any of the "cons."

    What concerns do you have that are leading you to ask this question?

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    Default Me neither?

    If your preference is not to rent a car then don't, it's a 'no brainer' for me. You won't rent anything as nice as you have without it costing a fortune, any fuel savings with a smaller car would be eaten up [and some] in rental costs and you won't put any significant miles on your own vehicle to make a difference.

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    Thanks for your replies and great forum!
    I'm asking because I heard one "con" from a friend being that using such a car for road trips will make it "age faster"...which I personally don't agree with (cars are made for driving right? :))

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    Default quite the opposite

    Roadtrip miles are about the easiest miles you can put on a car. You're basically putting on all highway miles, where your engine has plenty of time to warm up to full operating temperature. If all you ever did was roadtrips, most modern engines could easily run a million miles easily.

    Its the short trips and stop and go commuting that are the true killer miles to your engine and other moving parts.

    The closest thing you'd have to "aging faster" is that you would be putting a big block of miles all at once that could have some impact on your resale value. However, I'd bet if you looked at the difference in value of your car with 150,000 miles vs one with 140,000 on a site like kbb or edmunds, you wouldn't find very much of a difference. And in your case, you're only talking about a trip that covers 2,000 miles round trip, so the difference would be practically non-existent.

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