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    Hi folks,

    We are 2 friends (28) from Europe with girlfriends both, planning to visit NY, afterwards rent a car and go to Miami. Totally we have 11 days only, few planned to spend in NY, then road to Miami.

    We would appreciate if someone can deal with us with experience driving this route -
    How long time it can take totally driving a car from NY to Miami?
    Which are the places we should visit definitely?
    Do we need account some extra fee for car rental due to Europeans?
    Can we drive with our European driving license?
    What's approx. hostels fee next to the road?

    Probably you have any other suggestions driving this road?

    Thanks’ in advance,

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The drive from New York to Miami is certainly a well traveled route and therein lies a bit of a problem for you. You will need at least two full days to make the drive if you just take I-95 all the way and push yourselves to the limit: using all three as drivers, making only minimal stops for food and fuel, and seeing nothing but a high traffic road for the entire trip - no sight seeing. If you can add a couple of days, four in total, for the drive then you can take a different route and actually experience some of what the east coast has to offer. That would still leave you 3+ days in Miami.

    Another choice you'll have to make is who gets to drive. Since you are, I'm guessing, not related to each other you'll probably have to pay an additional fee for each 'extra' driver. It doesn't matter at all that you're European. You will also probably have to pay a one way drop-off fee for leaving the car 1200 miles from where you're renting it. Those two items alone will add several hundred dollars to the rental, in fact they will be more than the price quoted when you just look on line for the cost of renting a car in New York for a couple of weeks. So, be sure to check out all such costs, including insurance, before you book the car. I would note that our European friends often get considerably better rates by booking their car through a European consolidator, so look into that as well.

    If your driver's licenses are not in English, then you should get an International Driver's License, which is nothing more than a certified translation of your own license, and carry both with you. Hostels are not nearly as prevalent in America as they are in Europe. They also charge by the person whereas motels charge by the room. Since there are three of you, the motel option is probably better for you and there are motels at nearly every Interstate exit. You can expect to pay around $60-75 per night for a room with two large beds. You can sometimes find lower costs, especially away from the larger cities.


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    thanks for fast response!

    actually I have got good new that we will have ~8 days for this trip, so I would be thankfull if you can recommend some route for us! And do we have a time for visiting DC?
    Our driving license have english (ES) so I think this will be no problem.
    For car renting is clear, we should find thrue some European company booking in advance.



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    I would consider something slightly different - cars aren't really needed in the Northeast cities, they generally have very good public transportation systems and parking in the cities is at a premium. I'd probably take the train from NY to DC, perhaps stopping in Philadelphia on the way, then rent the car in DC for the rest of the trip. This should reduce your costs somewhat.

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