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  1. Default Curitiba/Brazil to Salt Lake City/USA

    Hello everyone. I´m a brazilian guy.
    Like everyone, I also like road trips.
    I´ve studied about a possibility to drive from north to south america.
    As long as I know, it´s possible to do it.
    There´re paved roads the entire route, except the short 50 miles water gap
    between Colombia-Panama border, that it´s needed to get on a ferry boat
    to cross the Darien Gap.
    Well if anyone out there is interested to go on this great road trip, let me know.

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    Default Welcome.

    Hello and a rather belated welcome to the RTA forums ! [sorry about that]

    Good luck finding trip buddies, it sounds as though it could be quite an adventure !

    Have you any idea of when you will hit the road and how long you plan to take ? Do you have your own car, any ideas of cost, will you use Motels or camp ? Any info you can offer might just help to get fellow road trippers interested.

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