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    I am totally new to this so please bear with me. I am traveling Seattle to El Paso TX in mid May, and saw the great route that was given and plan to take the same route through Moab. Are there plently of 'gas stations' on that route? How is the motel/food on that route? And cell phone availabilty, how's that? Also, I am a single female (mid 60's) I'll be traveling alone, any advice?

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    Could you please post the route, or provide a link to it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyce Mc 13 View Post
    Also, I am a single female (mid 60's) I'll be traveling alone, any advice?
    As a senior female I did almost the same route... alone! Vancouver BC to Dallas TX.

    If you are a confident and competent driver and the vehicle has been recently serviced, you should not have anything to worry about. Just take the normal safety and security measures as you do when you are at home. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, for no matter what reason, follow your instinct, get out of there, and move on. And make sure you arrange to contact 'someone' every day.

    Take a cell phone, although in 2001 I did not have one. No doubt someone more knowledgable than I will post the good oil on reception along that route.

    Driving before sunup and after sunset are not recommended, nor is stopping for any extended time on a lonely road. On the other hand, you meet the nicest people at wayside rest areas and truck stops.

    As for fuel..... it is difficult anywhere in the US to travel more than 100 miles without coming across a fuel outlet. In remote areas the price may be at a premium, but it will always be available. Don't let it drop below quarter full and you'll be fine.

    Lifey who has tripped almost 100000 miles - alone

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As describd above, you won't have any problems with regards to gas stations and you will find plenty of lodging options. If you don't want to book in advance you should find a room easily enough. It still doesn't do any harm to research lodgings along your route in towns where you think you might end up for the night and make a note of the name and telephone number of those that appeal to you and your budget.

    On multi day travel we don't recommend covering much more than 550 miles a day, the equivalent of 9 to 10 hours of travel with time for short stops along the way and no major sight seeing. With a long first stint behind the wheel you could get to Twin Falls ID [630 miles] and then to Cortez CO and El Paso. Personally I would take an extra half day and stop around Boise, Green river/Moab and Albuquerque. Any major sight seeing you might want to do, will need to be added to your travel time.

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    Thank you so much for the 'good news'. Fuel was one of my main concerns. I am glad some other women have traveled this too. I will be going on to Dallas after visiting in El Paso, and know that will be a long hard drive. But I thank you for the friendly advice, and will certainly be 'checking' in with friends on a daily basis. I already use that 1/4 tank rule here in town. So it won't be difficult to continue the practice. Thank you again so much.

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    Thank you too for your suggestions. I plan the first day to stop off in Tri Cities WA, try to make it to Boise ID for the night. Onto to somewhere south of Salt Lake City UT, up early to see the Arches, and stop near Truth or Conquenses (not spelled right) NM, then into El Paso the last day. I'm not rushing as I plan to take every bit of 5 days drive to get to El Paso, which means I'll be able to stop and look quite a few times along the way. There should be plenty to see too. I am glad there should be plenty of motels and gas stations, those are my biggest concern, but doesn't look like it need be. You all are very nice and give some good tips. This will be my 'First Solo Trip'...maybe I should have titled it that. I'll report how my trip went when I return. Again, I just want to say thank you for all the friendly advice and good tips.

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