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    I'm new to this site, but have heard warnings to rest along the way from Texas to Carlsbad to Grand Canyon to Vegas. I have 7 days but would like to know if motels/hotels in Carlsbad and Flagstaff are full March 12 through 19th. I may also have to amend my plans if this too big a trip for the time I have. Suggestions?

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    Carlsbad and Flagstaff should make very good stopover points. They are each about 600 miles away from your starting point in Corpus, so you'll be looking at about 12 hours of driving each day. You should be stopping every couple of hours to stretch and move around for a bit to help keep you focused, but that's true with any long trip.

    We can't begin to start going through which hotels might have availability, but you're talking about an off-season trip and I'd be shocked if you had any trouble finding a room anywhere along your route. There is the "hotel" tab up at the top of this page where you can shop for a room right from this site, or you can always use one of the major travel booking sites like expedia, travelocity, etc

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    Thanks Mike for your quick response.

    May I follow up with this question?

    Do you have a suggestion for a route to take coming back to Corpus including 2 stopovers?

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    You could head down to Phoenix, explore and spend the night around Tucson. Fort Stockton would then make a logical place to spend the night on your way home from there.

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