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Thread: Albino Redwoods

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    Default Albino Redwoods

    Where can I view the Albino Redwoods?

    Thanks in advance

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    The exact locations are not publicized. However, if you look at the 2 parks mentioned in that Wikipedia article, it appears that one of the parks has one visible on their loop walk.

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    Default More info and some local color

    Check out the Tom Stienstra article (link is in Wikipedia entry). He gives directions to one of the trees in Humboldt Redwoods. Article is over 3 years old, so tree may or may not still be there.

    FYI: Stienstra is the local (Northern Cal/SF Chronicle) outdoor reporter, and has a number of outdoor related books covering things like hikes and rustic lodges, etc. I have a couple of his and they are useful references.

    No recent news on Steinstra's April 2010 arrest for growing Marijuana in his barn in ... wait for it ... Weed California. He continues to write articles.

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    just returned from the west coast. I saw TWO albino redwoods.
    the one in the Redwoods National Park is almost dead but is still recognizable

    the one in Humbolt State Park is doing well. It is over 40 feet tall and growing. There is a most eerie feeling that surrounds this one. Also, I ran into two state park rangers who were very proud of it. but they have to keep a real close watch on the rarity

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    Default Albino Redwoods and Mountain Elevation Calcs?

    Bob, you're on a tear with the most interesting posts of the day!


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