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    I'm planning on making a road trip with my wife and 2 years old Girl, we leave in Orlando so I was thinking on driving to Savannah and stay there for a night, then drive trough Augusta (golf lover) on my way to NC, and stay in NC for a day or two, then I would like to drive to the smokey mountains, maybe stay there for a night and then drive back to Atlanta (where i have family) and stay for a night and then drive back to Orlando.
    That being said, this is my first road trip and I would like someone to suggest what places will you suggest to visit along the way, towns, national parks, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. also witch would be the best route to take, knowing that It will be a sight seeing trip, and where would you suggest that will be the best places to spend the night between these places?

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    From the sounds of your proposed itinerary, you're going to need at least a week for this journey, including the weekends on either side of it. But on the upside, none of your driving days is terribly long, allowing you the luxury of meandering down back roads and stopping wherever strikes your fancy. as far as specific recommendations, start by having a look at some scenic routes such as the Florida Black Bear Scenic Highway (FL-19 north through Ocala National Forest), the Savannah River Scenic Byway (SC-28/SC-81 northwest along the bank of the river), and the Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway (US-276 through the Pisgah National Forest). Specific sites worth stopping for include St. Augustine, FL, Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia, and in southwestern Georgia on the way home - FDR's Little White House in Warn Springs and Andersonville National Historic Site. The only place where it looks like you need an extra night's stay, other than the ones you've mentioned is along the last leg from Atlanta to home and somewhere in the Albany/Valdosta area should work depending on exactly how you choose to do that leg.


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