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    Hello everyone

    Looking for some advice. The hubby and I and a dog who loves car rides will be moving form Salt Lake to Dallas at the end of March. The dog and and I in one vehicle, the hubby in the moving van.

    I've looked at three different routes. 1) going through Utah, then into New Mexico then through Texas to the destinate. 2) that takes us up into Wyoming, down into Colorado then down into Texas. 3) takes us over to Colorado, then to Kansas then straight down to Texas. It seems that option 1 seems the most direct.

    Has anyone made any of these trips? Anyone made these trips with a dog? Anyone made these trips with a dog that knows of dog friendly hotels to hit along the way?

    Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you.

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    My mapping software says that the fastest route would be:


    I'd recommend you make it a 3 day trip so you won't be driving from dawn to dusk. I would probably look at overnights in the Denver and Amarillo areas. If you are looking to keep the hotel costs down, Motel 6 is pet-friendly, almost all of them allow one dog and there is no deposit or surcharge required. Another pet-friendly chain that's more upscale is La Quinta. You will probably find that with most chains, pet policies are up to each individual property.

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