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    Im in the military and stationed in Norfolk VA. In a few months I am going to be getting a transfer to San Angelo TX, Where I'll have 3 months of schooling, then I'll be transfered once again back to VA. I've always wanted to take a cross country trip. I have been given a little over 2 weeks to make it from VA to TX. I want to take this time and go the long way across the norther hemisphere. I'll be making stops in OH, and MT, and WA, where I will take the Pacific Coast Highway into San Francisco to visit my family. After that I'm going on a trip through the Sierra Nevada's then back out west to the PCH to southern California then head back eastbound. I want to go past the grand canyon, and up through Monument Valley, then down into San Angelo TX. Does anyone know what highways along this route are nice and scenic. I'll be on a motorcycle, and would like to avoid freeways as much as possible. I want to be on as many twisty, curvy roads with as much breath taking scenery as possible for this trip. Any roads, or routes you can suggest to me would be greatly appreciated. I'll post pictures from my adventure for all to see. Thanks again.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a great list of great places you want to see, the problem is you've listed of a good months worth of stuff you want to see and do in 2 weeks!

    Just driving alone, all day every day drives, you're looking at 6 days to Seattle, at least 5 to follow the entire PCH, and then a very hard 2 days (really more like 2.5) back to Texas, so your time is well gone, and we haven't even talked about the Sierras or the Grand Canyon.

    On top of that, those estimates are assuming that you'll be in a car and traveling on Interstate Highways for your entire trip, except the PCH! I don't know your experience with long distance, multi-day motorcycle travel, but it is hard on the body, and I frankly can think of few people who could keep up that kind of pace for even a few days, much less 2 weeks.

    Now having said that, you've got 2 weeks to get from VA to TX, and you should take advantage of that as much as possible, it just means you'll have to cut back. You might even be able to make it all the way to California - say go across Colorado, eventually across the Sierras to SF, down part of the PCH, and then back through Northern Arizona. Frankly, even that could be a bit much for a motorcycle trip, but at least it gets you back to the ballpark of what you can actually do.

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    What Michael said. As long as all you really want to do is drive and stop very little you should be able to make it cutting through Colorado and Utah to CA and then back by the Grand Canyon, but I wouldn't do that much on a bike.

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