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    We are moving from Central WI to NorthWest NY. We are planning to do a "road trip" to get there with our children(a moving company will be moving our belongings)our youngest will be 3 at the time. We are thinking we will only want to be on the road for 5 hrs. max a day. Need Ideas for points of interest..intesting places for kids 9,8 & 3 to stretch their legs(quick stops), intresting routes, cool but buget minded places to stay ect. . We would really like to make this a memroble trip for our children so really any ideas of things 4 boys who have a general interest in everything in the world should not miss traveling that way east. Thank you for any input.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Which cities are you starting and finishing in, and how many days are you expecting to be on the road?

    Do you have any thoughts on routes yet? I might suggest going up over the top of Lake Huron. Go up along the shore of Lake Superior, cross at Sault Ste. Marie, and through Toronto and back across at Niagara Falls. I've spent a little time in this area, but have always enjoyed myself and found a ton of things to do.

    Of course, you could also go down to Chicago, and then through either Detroit or Cleveland. You could also start by taking one of the Ferries.

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    Oshkosh, Wi to Watertown, Ny thinking about 3 days min. 7 days max. Only route we have considered is I80-I90 east.

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    If you just want to get there, you can do it in 3 days driving about 5 hours a day. Go to Milwaukee and take I-94 into Illinois, then I-294 around the city to I-80 to I-90. Take that to Syracuse to I-81.

    Overnights would be around Elkhart or Angola IN and Ashtabula OH or Erie PA.

    However, if you have 7 days to do it, I'd certainly look at getting off the Interstates or even going through Canada. You could go up through the UP and cross at Sault St. Marie - and go through Sudbury and Ottawa. If you go through Canada, you will need passports, and the kids will need either passports or birth certificates.

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    Default The Big Choice

    I agree with Michael and glc that the first beg choice will be between staying in the U.S. or going up through Canada. I would think that the Canadian route would be the bigger adventure, but the passport/birth certificate issue needs to be in order and gas, food and lodging will all be somewhat higher in Canada. There are certainly more than enough "quick stop" type places along either route, but some bigger attractions that you can plan on spending some time at would include Indiana Dunes National Seashore, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Niagara Falls, and the old Erie Canal if you take the U.S. route. Major Stops on the Canadian route include Colonial Michilimackinac State Historical Park, Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Toronto, and the Thousand Islands area.


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