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  1. Default $5000.00 In my bank account, hitting the road!

    I ran across this site today, this is exactly what I have been looking for this place is just packed full of help and advice from experienced road trippers. As I scan through and read people plans and goals there are obviously millions of things to do and places to go. I am only 22 but due to an interesting life have done nothing but work my tail off since i was 16. Its time for me to take some time off and enjoy my young years. I unlike most of the travelers on here, really have no interesting in setting up a schedule. I will be taking my 2003 mazda protege on this trip ( i can and most likely have repaired anything on this car). The reason im posting is I am trying to get an idea of how long my bankroll could hold up to life on the road. I plan on sleeping out doors, couchsurfing, or friends homes i have across the country. I really want to see the "scenic" side of america more than theme parks and expensive tourist attractions. I will be leaving Alabama mid June and heading south to the keys and then back up to the west....thats pretty much the limits of my plans.

    Again, I do realize the millions of things and places i could see...just looking for friends advice here guys! Thanks.

    Again, I do realize this has a tramindously huge

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The length you'll be able to extend your trip will really depend on how far you'll go to stretch a buck.

    I will say that for perspective, If you tried to live on $5,000 for 4 months, you'd have just $300 a week. That's basically what you'd make working full time for minimum wage. 3 months would work out to a little over $400 a week - so about a $10/hr job.

    You can probably find some places to sleep for free - but remember, the cost of "free" sleeping can often be quite high. If you are staying at someone else's house, you really should be showing them some sort of gratitude by bringing a gift or taking them out to dinner. Sleeping in your car usually isn't all that comfortable, and still leaves you paying for showers, and makes it difficult to make your own meals etc.

    Of course, you'll have to buy food, and fuel (which will be at least $1000 if you are going coast to coast and back), and there's the other expenses that come with day to day living.

    I don't know if there is any firm answer, but that should at least give you some things to think about.

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    yes, I was thinking around the three month mark myself....I was really hoping to make alot of this a camping/fishing trip, from what i have read on here this becomes quite expensive due to camping fees and state park entry fee's. I am a country boy so the idea of me paying to put my tent in the woods is a little crazy to me. Does anyone have any tips about cutting cost this way?

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    What you are looking for is "dispersed" camping, which you'll most often find in National Forest Land. That is pack-in, pack-out camping, with no services at all.

    When going this route you really have to do your homework in regards to the regulations of where you can set up camp (usually a significant distance from roads and waterways.) and other elements regarding fires and such.

    Camping fees at state parks and similar facilities usually aren't too expensive, and typically go to covering the costs of maintaining the park environment.

    Remember, fishing licenses can't be avoided and those can get a bit expensive for out of state residents. Those you don't want to skip, because the fines if you get caught are typically quite harsh.

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    I am happy you mentioned fishing licenses....those slipped my mind!

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