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    My husband and i are fromt he UK and are coming to America to travel america, covering nearly all the states.
    We have a provisional route but we are now stuck on RV's or car hire, or a combination of the two. Any thoughts.

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    Default Depends....

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It really depends upon the focus and goals of your trip.

    RV's are great for really getting into nature, being able to stay right within the national parks, and for an extended trip it is nice to have everything with you - including a kitchen - with you at all times. In many ways it is a lifestyle choice.

    However, RV's are more expensive, a little limiting on where you can go because of their size, and not a good choice if you are planning to spend a lot of time in cities.

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    Michael's pretty much summed it up, but you can find Lot's of info in the 'RV info' link in the tool bar above, like this one, weighing up the Pros and Cons.

    If an RV suits your Lifestyle and you can manage it within your budget, they can be fantastic A budget friendly choice they are not, especially when travelling as a couple. In a group with more people sharing the expense it does narrow the gap. When looking at rental costs you have to consider Campground fees and fuel cost, the return is 'almost' 10mpg in most cases. You then have other associated costs like preparation fees, bedding and kitchen kits etc.

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