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  1. Default San Fransico to Newport Beach,,, Weather

    Hi trying to plan a 16 day trip part of which will be a 4/5 day drive from SF to NB in late May,start of June.
    Just wondered what the weather might be like and are we going to get to see the sights along the PCH, or will we be hindered by fog at this time of year.

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    Default The Answer... blowin' in the wind. Late may/early June is indeed a time of fog along this section of the coast as you have the clash of moist Pacific air and the cool morning land temperatures. But as with most weather conditions, what you will experience depends on exactly what's going on when you're there. If there is an onshore morning wind, you can expect fog and lots of it right along the coast, but if there is an offshore breeze (dry air from the deserts and Central Valley) then you can expect bright sunshine and crystal clear vistas. The most likely occurrence is morning fog and afternoon sunshine, but be aware that there is a local phrase about coastal conditions - the June Gloom.


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    Thanks for that AZ,, was kind of hoping it might be sunshine all the way,, ha,ha,, gonner really pee me off to drive all that way and not come back with some craking photos,, just fog,fog, and maybe more fog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Default How doe"s this sound ?/

    Been busy planning my trip for next May and finally booked up a few hotels and wanted to run this by you more experienced "roadtrippers" to see just what you thought.
    The bit I"d like some feed back on is the drive from San Francisco to Newport Beach,,, here goe"s

    SF, for 3 nights, then pick up car and drive down Highway 1 to Carmel, (baring in mind we don"t have to reach the hotel at any given time,, have I left enough time to see the sights along the way in that one day ? )

    Carmel for 2 nights, then drive to Pismo ( stay 1 night ) again enough time in that 1 day to do the sights ?

    Pismo to Santa Barbara, (stay 1 night ),, again enough time in the one day to see the sights ?

    Then were driving on to Newport Beach where were staying for a week.

    I"ve spaced the stops out as I thought was best,, just hope,, as I said it does"nt matter what time I get to the hotel each night,, I"ve left myself time on those days for LOTS of photo opps.

    Thanks for looking, Roland

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    Default Plenty

    Allowing yourself three driving days to get from San Francisco to Newport Beach is excellent. In a pinch, you could probably do it in one (with no stopping). We generally recommend two days at a minimum if you want to enjoy the drive. So with a third, 'extra', day you'll be in great shape.


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    Thank AZ for the reply,, I was just starting to worry that I"d not left myself enough time to stop for photos and enjoy the drive each day, but as the hotel at the end of each day is really just to refuel, me and the car and sleep, I can have long days on the road.

    And sorry to the moderator, did"nt mean to do a multiple thread, I thought I"d started a new one,, again,, sorry for that.

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    The problem is that you did start a new thread, which forced us to merge it back with your original one.

    We prefer that you keep everything together so that we get a complete picture both of your trip, and the advice you've already been given. Not a big deal, just keep it in mind for the future, thanks!

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    Hi can anyone tell me how long it would take to drive from Pismo Beach back up to Heast Castle.
    Trying to work out if we did a morning tour, how much time we would have left to drive back down to Santa Barbara where wer"e staying that evening.

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    Pismo to Hearst is about an hour and a half. Pismo to Santa Barbara is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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    Thanks for that glc, helps me plan the day a bit better,,

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