Planning to head out in a few weeks for a mid-America family road-trip. My son is very used to spending many hours in the car at a time, so this is not a concern. We have lots of in-car activities ready to go, for days on end.
The plan is to take 4 days (3-4 nights, depending) to get there, 4 days to visit my Grandma in Mission, TX, then the same to return home. We have some wiggle room in the event of delay, tiredness or emergency.
We have couch-surfing plans along the way (St. Louis/Harrison, AS/Lake Charles, LA/San Antonio) super-excited!), but no major items on the agenda except for the Gateway Arch, and diamond-mining/Hot Springs, AS, as well as a stop in Derby, KS (Wichita).
Looking for any nifty stops for a few hours or less, want to break up the days, but keep things moving in the right direction. Looking for some seasoned advice - we are on the cheap or free budget :) (especially with the price of gas)