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    Some friends and I are planning a road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas over two days. I was wondering if you could suggest the best route and some sites to see... Iíve seen on here that Yosemite and Death Valley are popular but wasnít sure if this was possible in March??

    We are planning one over night stay somewhere and we really just want a scenic drive with some places that we can just stop off for a few hours before continuing on....

    Appreciate any tips or suggested routes.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Both Yosemite and Death Valley are open in March, but Tioga Pass is closed for winter. That would make it tough to see both in just 2 days. The coast highway, Sequoia or even Lake Tahoe would be a couple other popular options. Just keep in mind that it is already a full day drive going to most direct route, so by the time you add in any one of them, will pretty much fill up all your extra time.

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    Thanks Michael.

    We did look into the costal route also but didnt know where to start. we dont mind the drive as 3 of will be taking it in turns and just stopping off for one night somewhere to get the true american road trip feel.

    Can you recomend any good routes over 2 days with a stop over on route. We were thinking route 101 would be the costal route, but wasnt sure where would be the best place to turn off towards Vegas or where to stay.



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    Default grab a map

    Well, I find the best place to start is with a map, as just seeing things goes a long way to building a plan.

    You'll see there that CA-1 is the coastal highway, not US-101. The logical place to stop, and then cut across would be at Cambria, where you'd head straight east through Bakersfield and Barstow using CA-46, CA-99, CA-58, and I-15.

    The "don't mind the drive" and having 3 drivers really is kind if irrelevant for this trip - since again, you can make the drive from SF to Vegas in 1 day, you need more time for siteseeing, and extra drivers really doesn't help in that regard.

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