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    Default Trip to see the Falls from Indianapolis

    I am planning a trip to Niagra Falls from the Indianapolis area late May 2011, but staying within the USA (Car rental problems??). I plan to take 5 days for the round trip, 2 nights and 1 full day at the falls. Any suggestions on a route or what to take in on the way there and back?

    Any input would be great

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    Two days is more than sufficient to have a very relaxed drive to Niagara Falls. A few major attractions along the way would include, depending on your interests, the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Cuyahoga Valley National Park outside Cleveland, and the Natural History Museum and the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in Cleveland, Not far off the direct route, you'll also find the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Taking a rental car into Canada is usually not a problem. There are no legal obstacles other than those imposed by your rental contract. Check with the company (preferably well before you show up to take the car) to make sure. You will, of course, need a passport.


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    Thanks AZBuck. That has certainly strarted me thinking.

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