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  1. Default Texas to NY/NJ in 5-6 days

    Hi all,
    my boyfriend and I are driving our cars up from the Dallas, TX area to NJ and NY for work/grad school during Spring Break (23-29 March). We are going straight to Nashville, TN to stay with family on the first day and then we were thinking to go Nashville-Cincinnati, Cincinnati-Pittsburgh, and then Pittsburgh-NJ.
    I was hoping to hear from some experienced roadtrippers: Does that seem to be a good route? Or should we go a different way?
    Also, any tips on what to see, where to stay & eat, weather, clothing, safety etc. would be greatly appreciated!
    He's into music, so I know he'll enjoy a lot of Nashville's sites, and I'm interested in Pop Culture and recent History, so I was thinking about stopping in Little Rock, AR on the way to Nashville to see the Clinton Library and Little Rock High.
    Other than that we haven't planned much, so we're just trying to be cheap, but safe.
    Thanks in advance for all the help!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Dallas to Nashville is about 660 miles. That's not impossible, but that is a very long day on the road. If you are hoping to also stop in Little Rock, then that really becomes too far. What would make more sense, especially considering the love of music stops, would to shoot for Memphis the first day.

    Even there, you'd have plenty of time since you've got 5-6 days. Memphis to Cinci for example could be done in a day, but you could take more time exploring places like Nashville, Louisville, or Mammoth Cave, to name a few ideas.

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