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    Default Seattle to Las Vegas

    I just got back from Vegas and I am already planning my next trip but this time I want to drive down there. I hear from Seattle it doesn't take long and there will be two of us. My thing is I have only driven from here to San Fransisco and back and that took 14 hours, this is supposed to take about 17 hours. We want to rent a car so I am wondering how do I go about finding the best rates to rent a car and what is the best route to take? We want to go either in late summer or early fall so within the next 6 months or so, I think it's best that I start planning now so then I don't have any bumps in the road later.

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    Just to drive from Seattle to LV is at least 2 long days on the road. How many days can you take, and what do you want to see? In fact, is this going to be a round trip? If so, how many days can you take for the return trip to see different things?

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    I'm sorry, I'm not sure where you heard that you can make the trip from Seattle to Vegas in 17 hours, but that isn't even close to reality.

    If you averaged the same speed you achieved going to San Francisco (800 miles/14 hours = 57 mph which is very typical) it would take you 22-23 hours to make the drive to Las Vegas. That's going the shortest interstate route. There are some 2 lane highways that will save some miles, but they won't save you much time.

    The two main Interstate options are going via Salt Lake City and down I-15, or going over to Bakersfield and then all the way up I-5. There's not a huge difference in travel time between the two.

    In any case, as GLC mentioned, that is way way way too far to attempt to do in one day, and yes that is even with multiple drivers. Trying to make the trip without stopping for a real night of sleep along the way will make you every bit as dangerous as a drunk driver, as your body simply will not be able to maintain a safe level of focus while being in a car for nearly 24 straight hours.

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