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    Default Tulsa to Salt Lake City Advise

    Hey guys/gals, i am about to set off on a Salt Lake City trip (for work), but i decided to drive this year and take a few extra days to see the sights. I will have 4 or 5 extra days to "stop and see" things along the way and would like some expert advise on what those things should consist of.
    Yes i know the mountain passes will have some of that white stuff on the roads so i am taking the 4x4 --> will be a fun trip but a rough trip also.
    Tenative plans are to drive thru Denver and stay at on the casinos in Black Hawk then on to SLC. the return trip has not been decided on.

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    Default I thought you wanted to see the sites?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Tulsa to Salt Lake City really is at the very upper end of what it safe and reasonable for a 2 day trip as a speed run. If you are only spending 2 days on the drive, you just aren't going to have time to see anything.

    And to that point, trying to do Tulsa to Blackhawk is nearly 750 miles, that's really significantly more than you should try to do in one day, when you're still going to need to cover another 500+ miles the next day. If it was a one shot trip, ok, but you're really going to be exhausted after being in the car for about 14 hours on day one (plus time for stops beyond the bare minimum fuel/rest breaks) which will not make for an enjoyable day two.

    Stopping in Limon, while not as exciting as staying at a Casino, is about the halfway point, and about the point where a professional driver would have to stop (they are limited to about 600 miles a day.) That's also going to leave you in a much better shape for day 2, especially if you want to take I-70 across Colorado. If you really want to push on closer to Denver, I'd stay when you arrive in the first suburbs of Aurora which will still be a 700 mile drive, but a much safer move than trying to push on beyond Denver to the Casino.

    Now if you get back to the having some extra days, you there are a ton of things you could work into the mix....

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    Thanks for the heads up on the drive time, but i will have 5 to 6 days on the back end of the trip for sight seeing. other than the national parks and MOAB i am pretty much at a loss on things to do/see.

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    What sort of things are you looking for/interested in other than National parks and Moab ? There is a whole lot of 'stuff' in the Four Corners region from many NP's, to great drives, mountain towns, National monuments and so on. Take a look around the forums and visit the Map centre to create routes and find attractions. Once you have a few ideas down we can help fill in the blanks.

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