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  1. Default Road Trip - NY to Vegas

    Hi All,

    Sorry if this has been posted before (i did have a qucik look but couldn't find this route).

    My friends and I (six in total) are planning a road trip from NY to Vegas. We have about 10 days.

    The route my friends are planning goes via Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Albuquereue etc.

    I just wanted to know:

    - if anyone had done a similar route?
    - whether going via Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, Colorado etc is a better route?
    - how long you think we would need (we don't want to be driving all day)
    - any other tips/suggestions

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default No 'better'.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find Lot's of info by using the search function, as it has been done many times. To widen your options you could enter NY to LA as a lot of people will go via Vegas and you can follow suggestions to that point.

    We don't do 'best/better route' as it is up to you as a group to find common interests and then work out the route that matches that criteria. For instance, I prefer the mountains of Colorado and Red rocks of Utah to the City life and even the music scene, such as Nashville or Memphis etc. Going as far as Louisiana will be a longer journey, so if time is an issue, it is something to consider.

    Going by the most direct route[s] and driving most of the day on Interstate without pushing too hard, you can figure on Approx 5 day's of travel each way. Any sight seeing/time out, will need to be added. I80/76/70 through Colorado and Utah, 170 through Kansas to Denver etc, or I70/44/40 through St Louis, Oky and Albuquerque are all viable options, with too little difference in time to mention. If you have time available, look to getting off Interstate and do some exploring, but again, time, routes, interests are all stuff you need to work out as a group.

    Do some research, the Map Centre above is a good tool, and when you have some dot's on the map we can help fill in the blanks.

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    Thanks for your response - will try and do a more detailed search.

    In terms of timescales, we have about ten days in total.

    I think we are looking for the most scenic route - with the chance of seeing a few "touristy" places on the way!

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    Default One way ?

    In terms of timescales, we have about ten days in total.
    Ooops ! I missed that part in your first post.

    So this is a one way trip then ? If it's an out and back trip, most of your time will be spent driving with a few hours to a day in Vegas. If it is a one way trip, then I presume are renting a car ? In that case you need to be aware that anyone under the age of 25 who wants to drive will have to pay a daily 'Young drivers' fee and anyone under 21 will not be permitted to drive.

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    Sorry - should have said - it's a one way trip as we will be flying back to London from Vegas! We have hired an RV and plan to stop at various designated areas along the way! Then drop off the RV at Vegas and spend two nights in the MGM grand.

    One of the group is 25, the rest are over 25...

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    Ok cool !

    With 6 of you travelling it is one of the few times an RV can be better value than Motels, and if you are looking for scenic wonders and routes, I would personally point in the direction of Colorado, Utah and Arizona and there National parks. Unbelievable scenery, great roads and the RV is at it's best when in a NP campground with the fire and BBQ lit and a few cold one's in the fridge !!

    Some of your many options from Denver on, would be Rocky mountain NP, Currecanti Rec Area, Black canyon of the Gunnison, Mesa Verde NP, 'Million dollar highway' [US550] in Colorado. Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce canyon and Zion NP's, Utah 'scenic Byway 12' in Utah, Monument Valley and Grand canyon in Arizona.

    You can find all info on National parks at, and their are many State parks and Private RV resorts to choose from. Of course there will be plenty to see and do 'pre' Denver and that's why you need to do some research and get those dots on the map. You will have to 'pick and choose' carefully with your time frame.

    One of our RV trips in the Colorado area might give you a small insight into some of the sights mentioned above. You can find the link here.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    Our route has changed slightly - we have decided to do the southern states, including:

    New Mexico

    Anyone done a similar route?

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    That's going to be pushing things a bit for 10 days. Certainly, it is possible, but you're adding a couple extra full days of driving, so your ability to stop and explore will be much more limited.

    Beyond your list of cities, there have been thousands of people who've taken a route like this, but its just far too broad to provide any real specific help. Continue to search around the forum, and the other sections of this website, and as you develop more specific questions, we'll do our best to help.

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