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    Looking for people who would want to join a roadtrip in late july. I have a plan in mind and online that should be finished in the next few weeks. The trip will be taken in a 15 person passenger van and leave from NY and end in LA. 29 days in total. A little bit of everything america has to offer will be on this trip. Its a good mix of cities and parks. NY New york city> Washington DC> Indianapolis> St Louis> Boulder CO> Bryce Canyon or Antelope Canyon> Grand Canyon(possibly havasu falls)> Sedona AZ> Hoover Dam> Las Vegas> Yosemite NP> Sanfransisco> Bigbasin Redwood Park> Santacruz/Monteray bay> Big sur> Venice beach/ santamonica pier> hollywood > LA
    Ive done most of this drive at different points and have been to most of these destinations.
    I plan on including all lodging, food and activities ,everything into one lump sum. I dont know what that number will be yet and wont until I finish all the planning in another couple weeks.
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    Ill also be offering a ride to burning man festival from LA. Any questions are welcome

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Out of curiosity, have you already lined up the van? I'm not certain you'll find one available to rent for a one way cross country trip?

    Also, how many people have you already got going with you, and how many more people do you think would be able to join you.

    I will also just give you a friendly reminder that this forum is not to be used for commercial purposes, and it sounds like your "all-inclusive" plan is quite close to that line.

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    Hey midwest , Thanks for the welcome but im not new to the site. My old name was Rodney copperbottom but I forgot my password and was having alot of trouble resetting it. Nope not commercial because I wont be making a profit on this trip.
    Today is the first day ive been posting ads for fellow travelers soooo so far just my friend and I, but with 6 months to go im sure ill be able to fill some seats. And if worse comes to worse I could just take a honda crv if I only find a couple more. I own a 15 passenger deisel van which I figure would fit and be comfortable with 12 people all together, possibly even a small trailer as well. Would you know what kind of extra hassel a trailer would involve?

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    Renting a trailer shouldn't be a hassle at all. Uhaul would be the obvious one for a one way rental, although there might be someone else who would do it.

    You made it sound like this would be a one-way trip, so that's why I assumed a rental would have to be used.

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    its a rough copy but the map basically shows the majority of it. More is on the second page
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