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    Hey guys what a trip, had the time of our lives and have got the American Road Trip bug bad now!

    Thinking of maybe driving the east coast in the summer? Or what other ideas of a great road trips over 3 weeks stopping off in a few places for a couple of nights each time.

    We're really at the ideas stage at the moment, and were thinking maybe Boston - Florida but some people have said its a really boring drive and not much to see and do. I\'m sure this can't be true but was just wondering what experienced Road Trippers like yourself would suggest we do next to rival last summers trip, as the bar was raised high last year! What else has your beautiful country got in store for us :)

    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
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    Default You decide.

    Hey, welcome back to RTA !

    Hey guys what a trip, had the time of our lives and have got the American Road Trip bug bad now!
    Yeah, know that feeling.

    We don't ever use the 'Boring' word around here, it is after all just a state of mind and in the right frame of mind you can find interesting things just about anywhere.

    There has been quite a few additions to the RTA site, with routes, attractions and the all new Map centre [you can find them in the tool bar above] to help you 'look around' and see what takes your fancy. There is also the Photo share where you can upload and store your photos.

    You need to do some research and see what it is that will be closest to satisfying your tastes as a complete trip, we can't decide for you. If you enjoyed the National parks, scenery and diversity of your last trip, the Alpine scenery of Colorado to the Red rocks and desert of Utah offer some pretty spectacular contrasts, to the North Yellowstone and Glacier NPs', but wherever you look you will be amazed.

    Take a look around and when you have an idea of your itinerary we will be pleased to make suggestions and help fill in the blanks.

    And a very Merry Christmas to you !

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    Right then, i think we've come up with a rough plan of what i want to do, but wonder if you guys could take a look at it and see if its do able, i think maybe my heart has ruled my head on this one but here goes!

    Day 1 - Fly in to New York (2 Nights)
    Day 2 - New York
    Day 3 - West Chester Pennsylvania (1 Night)
    Day 4 - Washington (2 nights)
    Day 5 - Washington
    Day 6 - Niagra Falls (1 Night)
    Day 7 - Detroit (1 Night)
    Day 8 - Chicago (3 Nights)
    Day 9 - Chicago
    Day 10 - Chicago
    Day 11 - Sioux Falls ( 1 night)
    Day 12 - Gillette, WY ( 1 night)
    Day 13 - YellowStone NP ( 3 nights)
    Day 14 - YellowStone NP
    Day 15 - YellowStone NP
    Day 16 - Grand Teton NP (2 nights)
    Day 17 - Grand Teton/ Glacier
    Day 18 - Salt Lake City (2 nights)
    Day 19 - Salt Lake City
    Day 20 - Bryce Canyon (2 nights)
    Day 21 - Bryce Canyon
    Day 22 - Las Vegas (1 night)
    Day 23 - Fly home

    I think maybe we've bitten off a bit more than we can chew here, and thinking about flying straight to Chicago instead and doing New York/ Washington etc on a separate trip another time.

    What do you guys think as your the experts, is it to much driving between me and the missus or can we do the above?

    Also, last thing is there a cheap way around car hire without having to pay a fee for a different drop off point? Hertz and co charge quite a lot extra for this, but if theres no way around this will have to scrap the Mustang idea and do it in a cheap compact! ha!

    Thanks again guys, look forward to thoughts on our initial plan!

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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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    I think your plan looks pretty solid.

    There are more things you could do of course. I don't know if I'd fly directly to Chicago, but if you think you'll be coming back, that's certainly an option.

    The one spot where I would add more time is in South Dakota. Going from SF to Gillette in one day isn't really going to leave you time to see any of the Badlands/Black Hills. I'd at least spend one day in the Rapid City area so you have time to take the Badlands loop, and at least take a brief look at things like Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse/Custer State Park/Jewel and-or Wind Caves/Devils Tower, etc. Obviously, you could easily spend a couple days here, but I'd try to spend one night in Rapid, and then spend another night in Eastern Wyoming, before continuing onto Yellowstone.

    If its not in your plan, I'd certainly also hit Zion as you head from Bryce to Vegas.

    Rental Car, there is no great tip other than to shop around. I'd be expecting that to increase your costs by at least a few hundred dollars. And make sure when you are shopping around, be sure you're getting a quote that covers everything, including the drop fee, taxes, etc. Some companies (Hertz being the main one I believe) will not have a specific one way fee, but they will instead roll that fee into an increased daily rate.

    Also note that if you are planning to go from Niagara to Detroit, the fastest way by far is to go through Canada, but you will have to make sure your rental agreement allows you to drive across the border (many contracts will limit you to 48 states)

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