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  1. Default CA to Va, organic food, playgrounds, nature views....RV centers?

    Aloha! (moving from HI) Traveling in a little car (BMW, heated seats, runs great, good tunes/phone charger) w/ the biggest Thule cargo container they make. Shipped the car today, March 9th it arrives in LA. I’m not sure if you can tell me much, though I want to say "Hi!" & see about tips on doing some fast map points. I’m going to be using the research from many places, namely, & then trying to plug in any playgrounds, if I get time I’m going to try to put in gardens, & indoor play gyms that have fantastic websites.

    I’d add in u-pick farms but it isn't great timing (for part A). I’m also drawing a route that does not travel through factory farming counties or near meat processing plants at all. It is really important to me to support areas that don’t & going to try to escape everything but dairy (cause it is pretty hard to avoid). I’m also trying to find routes that are near organic farms. Yep, I’m a pretty beautiful plant eater (we still eat animal sometimes) that loves my two wee children, 3 & 1, plus my dearest DH of 10 years. The "crunchy" part on the outside (clothing, music, films) is pretty strong in me (30), not much in my sweetie (yet, he’s 45). He wants to get to VA soon, but have a good time. I think 2-3 weeks is about it. We are also hunting for a certain style RV, class B w/ 4 captain chairs to be exact (& pray queen bed), but only really need it for the rest of the year full-time, maybe we’ll RV again the following year in spring, maybe we’ll keep her for life; can't spend more than 25k. Need to stop into some very special RV places along the way (maybe). Our goal is to find a sweet little town w/ a bunch of foodie gardeners, in an organic folk arts region & settle down (transition handbook anyone?) for about 50k (vs. 650k here! We just sold) on the East Coast near all of our spread out family (start eco home company). That is a whole other story, but explains the Class B (state parks, festivals, u-pick, etc).

    Thinking of going two ways, but weather is so iffy right? UT, CO on over, or Austin TX way… I think I want to try Arizonia to TX way.. I have read big things about those places and NM recently…

    So any tips? My map is going to be pretty specific, though I would love any nature hints.. meadows, lakes, birds, animals..

    I would love it if you guys made a special road trip that high lighted farm to table food places & organic u-pick farms, or no spray farms along the way.. I’m not sure if any of you saw the "Ted Wish" for this year, but it seems like people that have gave their all in life to make these organic/local no spray/healthy places need our help right now. They are mostly young people trying to save food, American food!!! Without x,y,z added to it or made from it (GMO). Teaching people about food and growing some food in ever lawn can make a big change and dude, at least plant fruit trees! (See, it isn’t about rows, it is more like a flower garden with food) God Bless!!!
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    Default we're probably not the best choice this time.

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!
    I would love it if you guys made a special road trip that high lighted farm to table food places & organic u-pick farms, or no spray farms along the way..
    You really need to understand that this is a forum where people will willingly give you free advice, tips, and ideas, but it is not a full service travel agency where we will "make a special roadtrip" for anyone.

    In your case, it is even harder to provide much in the way of information because you're talking about a huge area (basically the entire country) and you're looking for extremely specific things. In fact, some of the things you are talking about, frankly, I'm not sure are even possible (like building a route that completely avoids "counties with factory farms and/or meat processing").

    I'm sure there are plenty of the kinds of organic farms and the like that you are looking for, but I suspect you'd get a lot more information from a site or community that focuses on organics and the like.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your plan at all, and If there are questions about the traveling aspect that you have, we'll do our best to answer them. You never know, someone here may have some of the information you are looking for, but the questions you've asked so far are generally beyond the focus and forte of this forum.

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    Thanks Michael! Hi! I have read a lot of your articles and love them! I love your work and this whole site.

    Yeah, That is what I thought Too! I just thought I would use this awesome road mapping place to point at my attractions and route and drop in a hello to help anyone else that might be searching for this along the way. And yes, factory farming is hard to avoid, that is why I am being okay with dairy, not beef, hogs, or chickens getting processed into meat. Were all sunshine and lollipops here.. much about meadows and playgrounds and some good county veggie and fruit picking for the Maine to North Carolina Trip.

    Does anyone think it is possible to just paste into description in maps and not fill in all of the info? I don't have time to do all the fields just now.

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