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  1. Default Cross country trip by RV in January

    Coming from UK I am planning a 30 day cross country trip (either way) preferably from/to a southern state (being aware of weather considerations. Trip will be by rented RV and would as have lots of time would like interesting route. Any suggestions out there.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    At this stage in your planning I would simply keep digging around the forums and use the other Roadtrip planning pages in the tool bars above to at least get some dot's on the map. With 30 days and a cross country trip, there are millions of miles of highway and tens of thousands of attractions, and even if you had mentioned your interests, it wouldn't have narrowed it down enough to give any meaningful help. When you have some ideas sorted out we will be pleased to make suggestions and offer alternatives, but right now it's like trying to answer the question 'How long is a piece of string'.

    A couple of things to consider regarding the RV. If you are dropping it off on the other side of the Country you will face quite a large 'One way drop off' fee. By the time you have added campground costs and the fact that you get less than 10mpg, it will work out dearer than a car and Motels, that 'gap' narrows if 4 adults are sharing the cost, but if it is just 2 of you it will be significantly dearer. Also watch out for other costs, such as extra mileage charges, bedding and kitchen equipment, preparation fees and the like. Depending on what regions you travel in you might find the RV has been 'Winterized' meaning the tanks have been drained to prevent the possibility of them freezing and causing damage. If that is the case you can use the tanks, but if any damage were to occur you would be responsible for costs. Of course the weather is something to consider as well, although we have 'survived' temps of below minus 10 in an RV ! If you are planning on spending a lot of time in City's, they are not ideal, [being the large things they are] but not impossible either.

    If that hasn't deterred you and you like the 'Lifestyle', it can be a great way to travel and my preferred method on my visits to the US.

  3. Default winter rv trip

    Thanks for the reply, have done a lot of RV travel in US about 15 years ago, but never cross country. Have managed to find a deal that involves no drop off fees, so at least that is taken care of. Will take your advise on routes, as for interest really it is to show my good lady some of the country and meet some of the small town americans. Will keep in touch with the blog and let you know when we have the trip more firmed up.

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