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  1. Default SF Bay Area to Bryce canyon

    Can anyone suggest especially beautiful routes, and exceptional places to stay and visit, between the San Francisco Bay Area and Bryce Canyon? Traveling between 3/18 - 3/28.

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    Default One way trip ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a few options, but at this time of year you will not be able to cross the Sierra Nevada due to winter snowfall accumulation, so you will have to go North or South around them. If this is a return journey your best option would be to do both and create a nice loop. If it is a one way trip I would opt for a more Southern route via Bakersfield.

    Yosemite valley, Death valley, Grand canyon South rim, Monument valley, Lake Powell, Antelope canyon, Zion NP are just a few things you could consider, but before I go any further can you confirm if it is a round trip or a one way trip, and whether your 10 day's is for the journey or less any time spent in San Fran and Bryce canyon ?

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    Thanks for responding! It's round trip, and the idea was to spend a couple of nights on the way back to see relatives in Los Angeles.

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    Default We need your input.

    You're welcome.

    Many of my "suggestions" would remain the same, but you would need to do a little research to find what it is that appeals to you and can make them fit into your time availability, at a pace you are comfortable with travelling at. The less you tell us, the harder it is to make meaningful suggestions.

    I would look along these lines if it were I, [and not a San Fran resident ?]. Day 1> Yosemite valley, Day 2 > Panamint Springs, Death valley, Day 3 > Vegas, Day 4> Zion NP, Day 5 > Bryce canyon, Day 6 > Grand canyon South rim, Day 7/8 > LA, Day 9/10 Coast [PCH] to SF.

    You could 'juggle' that in many way's, skip an overnight stop in Vegas. If you are a 'Local' you could take the direct route back to SF from LA same day and use the time elsewhere, or even skip Yosemite. You could still opt to go North towards Lake Tahoe. Once you have a couple more dot's on the map we can help fill in the blanks, but we need your input, it's your trip ! ;-)

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    Thanks! Death Valley is appealing, as are Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon. I don't have any interest in stopping in Vegas, however. The northern route sounds interesting as I've never done that before and could live with skipping Yosemite. I'll be the only driver so I'd like to avoid a really punishing schedule....

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    To create a nice loop, you could take I-80 to Sacto, then US-50 to Lake Tahoe. From there, you can take US-395 to Death Valley. Leaving Death Valley via Pahrump, go to LV on NV-160 (or leave via Beatty and take US-95) and take I-15 to Zion, then US-89 to Bryce. From there you have several options, depending on how much time you have, to get to LA.

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    Just drove that route in October. Bryce is the greatest.

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    Not much in Nevada. Tonopah has a Best Western. There is also a Best Western in the town of Pahrump; lots of great casino resorts in Vegas. We stayed in St. George and traveled into Bryce so don't have knowledge of the motels near Bryce, but saw many. There is Bryce Lodge in the park; several motels in the towns along the freeway leading into Bryce.

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    'Rubys Inn' is the nearest lodging option to Bryce canyon and a nice place to be. Springdale is ideal for visiting Zion, with good lodging and dining options a short way from the entrance.

    From Bryce to Grand canyon, the Cameron Trading post make a good option that is located close to the East entrance on AZ64.

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    Thanks so much for the excellent information and suggestions!

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