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  1. Default Denver to Las vegas...suggestions?

    Hi.. Me and my family from sweden will drive from Den to Lv and then further on to the coast in aug/sept and would like to have some opinions on what route to drive....

    Would like to see Monument valley and then visit Page and then G.C.-Village...

    As I see it we have to alt.

    1. I70 to Grand Juncion and then down the 190 pass Moab.
    2. the smaller roads...Salida, Montrose, Durango, Cortez.....

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    How many days do you have to get from Denver to LV? What else would you like to see?

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    thx! this will be our third roadtrip in US :)

    The only thing we have decided is Page(lake powell), Monument valley, GC (hinking again).
    Our son loves train so a stop in Georgetown would be nice....

    We have talked about Moab/Aspen but then "million dollar Road" and silverton/cortez sounds nice....

    We think about around 5days to vegas....we need some time for the rest also ;) but have no timeschedule....

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    Default So much to do !

    Hi, welcome to the forums !

    There isn't a right or wrong answer as to which route you should take, both that you have mentioned are spectacular, and there are many more combinations of routes.

    You could start your trip with a drive into Rocky mountain NP through Estes park and over the Trail Ridge Road [the highest continuous paved highway in the US] and end your first day in Georgetown. From there you could make it to Moab for Canyonlands and Arches NP, or head for US 50 via Leadville [the highest incorporated town in the US] and over Monarch pass, through the Currecanti Rec area and past Black canyon of the Gunnison to Montrose, and possibly on to the mountain town of Ouray on the 'Million dollar Highway'. If you took this route you would also have the option of riding the famous Durango/Silverton narrow gauge railway.

    From Durango it is an easy drive to Monument valley with Mesa Verde NP and the Four corners as possible detours. From Moab you would have the option of heading back to I70 and then take UT24 through Hanksville to Torrey [passing Capitol Reef] and onto Utah Scenic 12 through Escalante to Bryce canyon and then down through Page. The wonderful park of Zion would be an option, but time is not on your side so you are going to have to 'pick and choose' to your timescale, while leaving some time to enjoy the Grand canyon. From the South rim you can get to Vegas in under 5 hours but you might want to detour onto part of original route 66 through Seligman to Kingman and/or stop at the Hoover dam.

    If you have a couple of extra day's to spare on this part of your trip, you would not regret it, it is truly a magnificent journey !! Have a look at your options and when you have decided which way to go and what you would like to prioritise, time etc, let us know and we can help 'fine tune' your trip.

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    Will spend some time on now ;)

    We have 18day from denver to LA where we will be flying home....

    The only thing we "need" to plan is when to arrive i GC since the hotels needs to be booked in be sure we get a room in the village.

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    Default Map Centre is what you need !!

    Don't forget the RTA Map centre. You can create routes with 'Way points' and do a search for info on many attractions in the area.

    It might be easier to determine how many days you want to spend in LA and work back from there. It's possible to get from GC to LA in a long day, but I would recommend at least 2 days, plus you might want time in Vegas[?]

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    Since we have our son with us this time and will hike in GC we are planning on taking a "break" for a few days in vegas :) before heading for LA or SF......

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    - Denver
    - Georgetown
    - Leadville
    - Gunnison
    - Motrose
    - Silverton
    - Durango
    - Cortez
    - monument valley
    - Page
    - Grand C. Village

    Thats the plan, what things are a "must see/do" on that route?

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    Default A few too add to the above.

    We really don't do 'Must see' here, because your trip should be based on your interests, Georgetown and the train being a fine example for your particular interest.

    I have given you quite a few pointers in my post above, so I won't repeat those. Other suggestions would be, from Georgetown to Leadville take a detour of I 70 over the spectacular Loveland pass on US6 to Dillon Res. Past Leadville you could tale a short detour to Twin Lakes on 82 for a stroll to the Lake shore and enjoy the views. At Ouray there is the 'Box canyon waterfall', it's a lovely town for a stop anyway. Between Monument valley and the Grand canyon is Cameron trading post which has a huge and interesting store[s] plus food and lodging is an option. From Grand canyon to Vegas you could take a section of original route 66 through Seligman to Kingman and visit the quirky memorabilia stores. From Kingman to Vegas you could make a stop at the engineering marvel, that is the Hoover dam.

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