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  1. Default National parks in midwest and west (USA) roadtrip - beginner


    I have never done road tripping before. I want to undertake many of the road trips on the following link, essentially visiting as many national parks as I can.

    Few things I need to know
    1. Is there a way I can get corporate sponsorship for my trip - a car and a camping gear (to use just for the trip)
    2. I have Honda Accord 08 2 wheel drive, 4 cylinder. How suitable is this car for such road trip?
    3. What is the best way to find travelling partners for such trip?
    4. How safe is to undertake such trip all by yourself

    I am in a relatively unique situation. My work allows me to work from anywhere. So, I will likely be working at-least 4 of the weekdays. And, hiking and camping in the evening and over weekends. I am hoping my car and tent would suffice me for the accommodation.

    Please let me know if you have any useful tips or links I should know.

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    Default Making it your own trip.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Where following predetermined routes from someone else's itinerary is certainly an option and although nothing wrong in doing so, you will most likely get more out of a trip by doing your own research and creating your own routes and discover the things 'in between' along the way. The Map Centre is a good tool for doing so and the forums and other RTA pages are full of info and suggestions. Do some research and make it your own trip and enjoy the freedom that goes with it.

    1] I doubt it very much. What would make your trip so unique and different from thousands of other people who do exactly the same ? The thing is, in an ideal world we would all love someone to pay for our roadtrip, in reality it rarely happens.

    2] Your car should be just fine, as long as it can take all your gear you plan on carrying.

    3] Check out the 'Share the Gas' link on the main forum page. There are a couple of links and you can start a 'share ride' thread.

    4] Lot's of members do solo road trips with no problems, one being a senior and female. As long as you use the common sense you do back home you should be fine. If a place doesn't feel right, it often isn't, so move on.

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