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  1. Default Looking for Stupid Stuff on the East Coast (Walt Disney World To Time Square)

    I'm planning a super road-trip this summer for about 7 Days in July or August (Maybe from July 31th - August 6th). From Walt Disney World, FL to Times Square, NY. I will be going with my girlfriend so we will need a decent hotel for each night of the trip.

    We enjoy STUPID STUFF! Yes, we're looking for best/worst sights and sounds of the east coast. (I.E. worlds largest ball of string, Lemur santuary, home of the best cheeseburger on earth etc. etc.) We really are looking for your suggestions of what we should see and why you enjoyed it.

    Also, we would like to drive through as many states as possible. (she's trying to see all 50 states by the time she's 30, so the more the merrier)

    We also want to try to avoid seedy locations. But we are pretty poor, so yes we're looking for a good deal.

    This is what we hope to plan:

    (fly from Albuquerque) and Arrive Friday Night the 29th or Saturday morning to Disney World. Spend Saturday 30th in Disneyworld then leave for the road Sunday 31st.

    Head North.

    Sunday 31st Night Stay Somewhere

    Monday 1st Night Stay Somewhere

    Tuesday 2nd Night stay somewhere else

    Wednesday 3rd Night stay another place

    Thursday 4th Night stay another place

    Friday 5th Night stay somewhere else

    hope to arrive in NYC in July 6th spend the night there (with friend hopefully) and fly home on the 7th.

    Things we need from you:

    Citys or hotels/motels to stay each night.

    Great sights to see.

    Multiple states to mark off of list. (it doesn't have to be a direct route)

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    Default If Only It Were That Simple

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Ah, yes... that elusive combination of low priced, non-seedy, unknown attraction that's perfect. There are a few such locations in the world. The real problem is that in today's world, as soon as they get posted on the web, everybody knows about them and they quickly become just another overpriced tourist trap. Your best bet is to just meander along one of these two routes at your own pace and poking into as many small towns and state and local parks as your rather generous time frame permits. I personally think that your best bet for finding non-chain motels and restaurants is to get the AAA Tour Books for the various states. They have the resources to check out the tens of thousands of such establishments. We do not. But mainly - just make the trip your own by following your own whims in the way north.


  3. Default I guess you're right

    I know it's cliche where everyone asks the same question. We don't mind tourist traps... at moments we actually enjoy it! I guess the key is: The dumber the better. We wouldn't mind visiting example: somebody's "Uncle Al" because he has a gold tooth and he has stories of hearding cats. I really believe this will be a fairly impulsive adventure. But since it's very impulsive, are there places we should avoid? Since we don't know much about the area?

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    Default You'll Know

    One of the unintended consequences of traveling is that you soon realize that while everywhere is a little bit different and worth seeing and learning about, it is not an alien world out there and everywhere is somebody's home. If you wander into a 'bad' area of your own city you realize it almost immediately. The same will hold true elsewhere. If a place or its denizens gives you the willies, move on. Otherwise don't fret about 'what if' - just enjoy your trip.


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