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    Default Labour Day Travel - A bad idea?

    I'm planning a 2 week road trip. Orlando-New Orleans-Atlanta-Miami-Key West-Orlando

    I'll be in Atlanta over the Labour Day weekend for a convention. I can't decide if I should leave a day early, on Labour Day, or wait unit the convention is over.

    My first thought is that being on the road on a long weekend is a bad idea, especially for a long haul run like Atlanta-Miami. But would traffic really be that bad? Wouldn't more people be leaving Florida than entering it? Besides, I read that this is actually part of the Low season for Disney World, even though its a major holiday.

    Any road trippers have any Southern Labour Day experience?

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    I have no personal experience, but I think you would want to try to avoid I-95 at all costs. That's a very heavily traveled corridor on a GOOD day.

    Atlanta to Miami is a bit much for a single day - I'd plan on an overnight around Orlando, take I-75 to the Turnpike.

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    Actually, I'd planned to avoid I95 and take the toll ways anyway. My rental is with Thrifty and on other forums I read you couldn't opt opt of their toll program in Florida because there are a bunch of cashless only toll roads. The toll roads should be marginally less busy, right?

    Yeah, a minimum of 11 hours not necessarily a good idea either. My brother did Calgary to Vancouver in a day (14 hours). I figure I'll be fine if I avoid high carb foods and any more than 1 cup of coffee.
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    14 hours in one day isn't too bad, as long as you aren't planning to drive again the next day. If you try to start stacking up those 14 hour days over 2, 3, or more days in a row, then you'll run into problems.

    In many cases toll roads in Florida are the only way to get between places without taking city streets or other stop-and-go roads, so its not always the case that Toll Roads will see less traffic. It should in general be better than I-95 though.

    Florida's toll roads have their own electronic transponder system that is not connected to the more common E-Z pass, but I'm not aware of any toll road there that is completely cashless. (I've seen some electronic tolling near Toronto, where they just send a bill to your license plate address, but I'm not aware that Florida - or anywhere in the US - has that system.)

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    Michael - the 470 around Denver is cashless. I used it back in October and have not received a bill yet!

    As a matter of fact, Florida has begun a conversion to all cashless tolling - the first part has already been converted - from the Broward/Miami-Dade county line to Florida City.

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