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    hi im planning a trip for my 21st birthday and need to no of some places i should not miss out on seeing i would like to travle around the whole of america i dont want to miss anything so anything u think i should do and see

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    Default [Almost] impossible question.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Giving you a list of 'things you should not miss out on around the whole of America' would fill pages upon pages and if you lived to 101, you would not see them all !

    Rather than creating such a list I would recommend you do a little digging around the RTA site where you will find pretty much everything you need to know about planning such a trip, to creating routes in the Map Centre and finding attractions that appeal to you. Once you have started getting some dots on the map based on your interests and worked out your budget and how much time you can make available, we can then start making some meaningful suggestions.

    Just so you know, car rental Companies will have a daily surcharge known as a 'Young driver fee' for people under the age 25 years, that will most likely cost at least $750 on top of the rental fee per Month.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    hey thanks for the reply

    yer i thought the list would be a big one i would have 6 months too a year or more i am thinking of moving there yer i seen the car rental some where i would do a bus this if i couldnt drive i would love to no some good clubs to go to aswell

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    Again, the the list you are seeking would be in the millions, and there's no way anyone could provide that. Even asking for "good clubs" alone would be a list that could include hundreds of thousands of spots.

    You really need to do a lot more research to lay the foundation of what you'd even consider doing, until that, you just aren't at a point where we can provide much specific help. Get some books, look around this site and others, and once you've got some sort of idea of what you want to do, we can help you put it together.

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    If you are going to move here obtain the appropriate visa (student or work, not tourist), establish a residence, get a US driver's license, then you can buy a car.

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    Speaking of visas, you won't be able to be here for 6 months without getting one. 3 months is the maximum you can be here on the waiver program, and getting a long term visa can be a long and rather difficult process.

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