Hello everyone,
My name is Peter and I am 21 years old, currently a student at UC Davis. I've just been through a not so great relationship and wanted to do something I've always wanted to do but never got a chance to due to said relationship ties. This spring break I will be going on my first solo road trip . Well not really solo if someone here decided to go with me. Many of my friends and family wanted to do this road trip with me but I really don't want to have them along as I believe the experience will be vastly different if I travel by myself or with someone I've never met before (I have taken many road trips with friends and family already and I while they're fun and loving, there are just not the freedom feeling I truly seek for).

Initially, I plan to just rent a car, stock up on water, food, and gas and started driving east for as far as my money permit and within my time frame, however, even with a very adventurous and spontaneous mind, I later found that the idea is very unsafe since I've done numerous researches and found many people have been ended up stuck in Death Valley and actually die there, so I'm reconsidering my options, I have come up with an actual route. You can check it out here

While I'll try to follow that route, I can be very spontaneous and willing to travel off the beaten path to anyplace interesting. I'm looking for someone who have the a similar mind set as I am, just to share the experience together, age and sex doesn't matter, even better if someone who've never done this route before so we can truly be adventuring and "discover" new things, but anyone is welcome really, just an open mind is enough. The cost of the rental car and gas will be split between us, however, if you can provide the car, then I will gladly play for the gas of the entire trip, driving will be shared, or if you do not or prefer not to drive, then I can probably manage to do all the driving. The trip will be taken place within the mentioned time frame (March 20 - March 27), however, I can be flexible since my classes won't actually start until April-ish, the trip could take longer or shorter depending on how both of us feel and I'm willing to listen to reasonable advices and comments. I plan to stay at inexpensive motel/lodging and willing to camp out or even sleeping in the car if possible. About the starting point of the trip, I planned it to be at my house but of course if someone is interest I'm sure we can work things out.

While I try to cover everything in this post, I'm sure there are things that I may have left out, so if you are interested, please reply here or send me a PM. I do plan to take this trip solo if no one decide to come with me so I'm also here to listen to advices and inputs so please help me out and wish me luck. Thank you very much for your time :)