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    Default Road Trip. Las Vegas to Albuquerque

    We are from Australia. Planning to drive from Las Vegas to Albuquerque about the second week of September 2011. Will probably take about 3 days. Has anyone any ideas of a route and maybe some things to see along the way and probable stops. This is the second time that i have driven on the "wrong" side of the road. Spent 4 days in Kauai with a rental car a couple of years ago. Thanks

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    Default A popular choice.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    You have quite a few options and a look around the forums will provide you with many ideas. The route I would consider is to the South rim of the Grand canyon NP and then through Monument valley and Four corners to Albu. You could include Canyon De Chelley or Mesa Verde NP or just enjoy quality time at Grand canyon. On route from LV to GC you will go by Hoover dam and you will have the opportunity to take part of route 66 from Kingman through Seligman.
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    Thanks Dave. Will certainly consider your suggestion. In the process of booking airfares etc.

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