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  1. Default Santa Barbara - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - Bryce - Zion - Las Vegas

    Hi we are 4 Danes, planning a trip in october 2011, as a part of the trip vi would like to go Santa Barbara - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - Bryce - Zion - Las Vegas. Starting saturday oct. 22 in Santa Barbara, and ending i Vegas Tuesday evning oct. 25. Is that possible or are we too ambitious?

    What is importent to see, and where is it best to stay overnight.

    With friendly greetings
    Bo Stokholm

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but that really is not possible. You could probably drive to all of those places in that time, but that is it, there would be zero time at all left over to see any of these places. I don't even think you'd have time to get out of the car to snap a single picture before you'd have to move on!

    Santa Barbara is the one place that really has to go as it is more than a full day drive to any of the other places on your list.

    You could probably do a loop of all the other places, starting and ending in Vegas in your timeframe. Even that would be fairly rushed, but at least you'd have a few hours at each place before you have to move on.

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    Default Agree.

    As it would appear you are starting out from Santa Barbara, I think the best you could manage would be Grand canyon, Monument valley, Zion to Vegas. With a long day on the road Saturday you could possibly make it to Williams AZ by night time. That would leave you Sunday to explore the canyon and head out the East kiosk on 64 and lodge at Kayenta or Monument valley. Monday, look around MV in the morning and continue to Zion and explore the park Mon PM/ Tues before heading to Vegas.

    That would still be quite hectic but if your OK with that, enjoyable. If not you would need to knock back MV and take a more relaxed pace.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, it is a big help with knowledgeable people when you are far from home.
    Do you have any suggestions, how we make the most of the time we got near the Grand Canyon, where to stop and what to see

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    I'd recommend going to the National Park, rather than the "west rim" where the skywalk is located, and I'd take a look at Dave's suggestion about heading out the east entrance and spending a night somewhere between GC and Monument Valley. If you can afford staying right on the rim, that would save you some time compared to spending a night in Williams.

    Otherwise, take a look at the National Parks Service website for a preview of what you can see and do.

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    The only places to stay between the GC and MV are the Cameron Trading Post, 2 hotels in Tuba City, and 4 hotels in Kayenta.

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    Thank you that was very helpful
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