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  1. Default Seattle -> Missoula -> Rapid City -> ?? -> St. Louis March 12-17/18 doable?

    Hello once again! I'm planning a roadtrip during my spring break to bring my car from Seattle to St. Louis. The biggest thing we're trying to figure out (there are three of us) is if it is possible to arrive in St. Louis by the 17th/18th (that's us leaving Seattle on the 12th, a Saturday, and arriving in St. Louis on Thurs/Fri if possible). We most likely have a place to stay in Missoula, and are planning on couch surfing (splitting up if need be) in the other cities we arrive at.

    What's a good in-between city for Rapid City and St. Louis? We were thinking Omaha or Lincoln, or maybe even KC but I'm not familiar with this area.

    Weather: I know the pass is going to be snowy but I'm not familiar with Eastern Washington. I'm guessing that if E. Washington around Spokane is snowy, so is Missoula. I'm also assuming that I-90 is well kept in the case of snow. Any thoughts or suggestions? We can arrive later into the weekend if necessary, but we're hoping to get there by Thurs/Fri. Thanks!

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    I think you've got a pretty good plan laid out here.

    Butte would be a better first stopping point than Missoula, as that is the halfway point to Rapid. Stopping in Missoula would make for a long second day. If you've got a place to stay in Missoula, getting to Rapid won't be impossible, just long, so if that lodging option falls through, I'd try to move on a bit farther.

    Omaha would be about right for day two. Lincoln would be off the direct interstate path, and KC would be way too far for one day. If you want a slightly easier day 3, perhaps taking a slight detour through the Badlands or making a stop at Rushmore, you could aim for Sioux City Iowa and still have a reasonable final day into St. Louis.

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    Thanks for the tip with Butte, we'll be sure to stop there if Missoula doesn't work out.

    We'll also consider Sioux City. Any thoughts on winter in the area during mid march?

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    As with any winter trip, you do need to be prepared for the chance of a delay. The good part is you'll be dealing with relatively low elevations for much of the trip, and excellent plow crews across the northern states. If there is a problem it would be unlikely to delay you for more than a day.

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