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    I have 20 days to go on a road trip this summer. I am still in the initial planning stages. I will be leaving late may. I have a plan that makes sense in terms of mileage and time spent in the car. What places would I want to visit along this route? Are there other cities we should visit other than the ones I have listed?

    What is a reasonable amount to drive each day?

    This is the plan: Everything can change except we have family and friends to visit in the bold cities.

    Day 1: Ithaca, NY
    Day 2: Erie, PA

    3: Chicago, IL
    4: La Crosse, WI
    5: Mitchell, SD
    6: Rapid City, SD
    7: Greybull, WY
    8: Yellowstone National Park, WY
    9: Grand Teton National Park, Moran, WY
    10: Rawlins, WY
    11: Boulder, CO
    12: Denver, CO
    13: Colorado Springs, CO
    14: Salinas, KS
    15: St. Louis, MO
    16: Indianapolis, IN
    17: Erie, PA
    18: Saratoga Springs, NY
    19: Boston


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Everything you've mentioned is fine for the most part, although the biggest problem is that since you're planning to be in a different place each day, its going to be hard to do much seeing/enjoying. Your drives are short enough where you'll have some time to sitesee, but I could see that you'd want to take a break to and maybe spend 2 nights in a place or two.

    There are some areas where you could be doing more in a day. For example, you could get from Chicago to Rapid City in 2 days, say stopping in Sioux Falls which would leave you time to see the badlands on your way to RC. Rawlins-Boulder-Denver is another case where you could probably condense that depending upon what you are hoping to see in that area.

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    What is a reasonable amount to drive each day?
    If you are just driving on Interstate highways and not sightseeing - only trying to get from point A to point B - 600 miles will take you about 12 hours with essential (fast food, fuel, bathroom) stops.

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