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    Alright guys,

    Me and a mate are on about a bit of a road trip late August/early September. We'll be flying to New York and want to get to New Orleans and back in about 2 weeks. To our tiny little English minds driving from the top(ish) to the bottom(ish) of a country should be dead easy. But I seem to remember America looking quite big when I played Risk (btw always conquer Australasia first, easy winnings). D'you reckon this is feasible, or too much driving?

    We were hoping to go south through Tennessee etc, try and see a bit of Nashville, Memphis and that. Look for some rock and roll, see some bands if possible. Any tips on where to see? I'd be keen to see some smaller towns too that maybe one wouldn't come across without some inside knowledge.

    Hadn't considered it before now but maybe we could head up back up the coast; see Georgia and the Carolinas. Don't know too much about these states, any tips?!

    Sorry for the essay but yeah any tips on what citys/towns to see or cool places along the way would be greatly appreciated.


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    To drive from NYC to NO via fastest route is a 2.5 day drive, so with 2 weeks you do have some time to do some sightseeing. Going down via the inland route and returning via the coastal route would be an excellent way to do it.

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