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  1. Default I need your advice: Miami, Keys, Bahamas

    Hello guys,

    I am German and would like to know your advice on my Florida trip that I would like to do in April. I will be travelling with my sis. Here is the route I was thinking of:


    - 7th April: Arrival in Miami International Airport, night time
    [QUESTION: Is there a cheap hostel at or near the airport? Because I would like to rent a car there on the next morning]

    - 8. April: Miami to Key West
    - 9. April: Key West to Key Largo
    - 10. April: Key Largo to Fort Meyers

    During these three days I am interested in doing the following activities:

    - airboot tour in Everglades
    - bike tour along crocodiles (somewhere I read about that)
    - Hemingway house
    - something with dolphins and turtles
    - maybe snorkelling

    [QUESTION: Are three days too short for all this? Is it possible to do airboat and crocodile bike tour on one day? What else do you recommend us to do?]

    - 11. April: Fort Meyers
    [Question: I read something about two islands. What do you recommend me to do on this full day?]

    - 12. April: Fort Meyers to St. Peterburg
    - 13. April: Full day St. Petersburg
    - 14. April: St. Petersburg back to Miami

    [QUESTION: any recommendation which route to take back to Miami?]

    - 15. April: Trip to Bahamas
    [QUESTION: Which ship company can you recommend?]

    - 18. April: return from Bahamas, overnight in Miami
    - 19. April: day in Miami
    - 20. April: leaving for Germany


    So regarding the whole trip I am someone who loves nature. So maybe it would be better to stay one more day in the Keys/Everglades region, or what do you think? I could stay one full day in Key West and I could skip St. Petersburg for example. What are your suggestions? What are some wonderful things to do in Everglades/Keys?

    What other activities / excursions do you recommend to us?

    So many questions, I know :) I would be very happy if some of you could give me advice regarding at least some of these questions. :)



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    Hostels are not that common in the US, and when you consider that hostels charge per person and hotels charge by the room it may be easier and not much more expensive to get a hotel room near the airport.

    Using, I see a wide selection of hotels near MIA that have rooms for 2 on that date for anywhere between $60 and $100. However, the reviews for the Airways Inn ($60) are terrible. The La Quinta North at $65 would be a much better place to stay, and they have a free shuttle to the airport.

    Disclaimer: I have not personally stayed anywhere near Miami Airport.

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