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  1. Default New to US..with lots of Adventure at Heart.....

    Hey friends,

    We are a group of 7 who have landed in this awesome country few months back. We are in Minnesota now.

    We would like to plan a ROAD TRIP coz we beleive thats the only way to experience US firsthand.

    We have around 5 days for this trip. But due to winter and being at Mid west... not sure wha could be exciting options around within this schedule...

    We look to rent a car.. and come back to Minnesota on the last day of the trip.

    Any ideas regarding interesting palces around. We obviously wanted to Vegas, but few of us feel that its too much of a distance.. since only 4 of us can drive..

    thanks for all your help !!

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    Default A big place

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You 'few' who think that Vegas is too far are spot on. People forget how huge the US is and to drive to Vegas and back is 6 full days of driving !

    You should be looking at a round trip of no more than 1600 miles which will give you a little time out of the car each day and a day off from driving at a destination. Have a look around and see what appeals to you and your group based on your common interests within that area.

    One other thing is that you will need more than a car with 7 people and there luggage and will need to look into whats available, it could be costly. If any of the drivers are under 25 years of age you will face a daily surcharge for each one, any under 21 and they won't be able to drive.

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