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    Hi, just registered on the site as I am looking for some help and advice for a trip we are taking in August this year. The dates, transport and accommodation are already booked and cannot be altered though we donít mind paying for extra nights somewhere for a good reason. We are not looking to break new ground on places to go and things to see but would welcome any recommendations for side trips or places to see that people advise. Driving isnít an issue as we have been to the US before so I have some experience.

    Myself, my partner and her 15 year old niece will be flying into San Francisco from the UK on 13 August. I am a big fan of American cars (hot rods, customs etc) and bikes, Tracy loves the scenery and wildlife and Natasha is dance mad and also into the American teen TV shows. We all enjoy the theme parks.

    We will be spending 3 nights in SF and will not pick a car up till the morning we leave. We will be going to Alcatraz, hopefully the evening trip. Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pier area are also on the agenda.

    When we pick the car up the plan is to drive down the pacific coast highway heading to Anaheim but we have one night booked on route stopping at Pismo Beach. Are there any places on this route that we must see and any that could be missed in the interest of making up a bit of time to use better elsewhere. We have heard about the spectacular views on the Big Sur but are not sure where on the coastline this is and where the best views are. Also the Hearst castle and Carmel are names that we know but are they worth a stop with the time we have.

    We are spending 9 nights ( 17th to 25th) in Anaheim and 2 more family members are joining us here for a week. We have been here before but still canít avoid the theme parks and a trip to Hollywood as the relatives havenít been before and we love doing them anyway. Does anyone know of any car shows, rodeos, live music or filmings happening while we are in the area. Also are there any drive in cinemas still operating in this area as I understand they have nearly all gone and would like to be able to say that I went to one. We are just looking for something a bit different to make the trip more memorable.

    From Anaheim we are driving to Las Vegas, back down to just the three of us. Is there anything on the route that must be seen or is it best just to get the journey done. In Vegas we have 4 nights booked but one night is taken up with an overnight helicopter trip to a ranch on the rim of the Grand Canyon which includes seeing the Hoover Dam. I am a bit concerned about taking a 15 year old to Vegas. Will she be allowed in to see the casino shows etc.

    Sorry for the long post but as you can see we have quite a bit planned but would like to fit in as much as we can without making the trip too tiring. Anything that appeals to at least one of our interests would be great.


    Craig, Tracy and Natasha

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    Default a few ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Let me start by saying that I've never understood the idea that you can't make changes because of something as meaningless as hotel reservations, especially when you are more than 6 months away from your trip. But that's just me.

    Having said that, the one place I would make change to your plans is with Vegas and the Grand Canyon. First, I strongly suspect your overnight tour will not take you anywhere near Grand Canyon National Park. It will almost certainly take you to the West Rim, which is on Indian Land that has the skywalk, but does not have nearly the same views as the National Park. Also the Ranch really isn't on the rim - as you are a long way from anywhere where you can actually see the Canyon. Vegas also isn't a great place for a teen, so 4 nights is a bit much.

    What I would do instead is drive directly from Anaheim to the Grand Canyon, spending 2 nights either at the National Park or nearby in Williams. That's one day to drive there, and then one day to see GC. Then I'd drive to Vegas, via the Hoover Dam to finish the trip.

    As far as events, you're best bet would be to start looking at the various Department of Tourism and/or Chamber of Commerce sites for Anaheim/LA/California. You should be able to find those with a good internet search.

    There are a couple of drive in theaters that are still functioning. The closest ones appears to be in City of Industry and in Riverside. Here is one list, but you should be able to find more sites and information, again with a basic google search.

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