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    Hi, we are looking at driving from Las Vegas to Palm Springs after our 4-day trip in Las Vegas in Apr. Our plan is to stay two nights in Palm Springs and then drive down to Monterey Bay area for another two nights before heading to SFO. Can I know how long would the trip from LV to Palm Springs take, assuming we stop for mini breaks in between. How about from Palm Springs to Monterey area? Wld that the full day and any suggested routes/attractions to view along the way wld be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The Drive from Las Vegas to Palm Springs is relatively straightforward, It's just a straight shot down I-15 to the Cajon Pass into the L.A. Basin and then I-215/I-10 to Palm Springs. That's roughly a 5½-6 hour drive with a couple of stops to stretch your legs. The drive from palm Springs to Monterey is a bit more problematical. First you have to navigate the L.A. Basin to at least Pasadena, and then you have to decide whether getting to Monterey is your sole desire or if you would rather enjoy a leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. If the former is the case and you avoid rush hour in Los Angeles, then you can make the drive in a day, with minor stops. If you choose the later, you'll need 2 days for the drive as you'll have to navigate more of L.A. and the PCH itself is a slower two-lane road with lots of places to pull off and enjoy the views. Once you \decide on that, we can offer specific recommendations for the route you choose.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You could get to Palm Springs in or around 5 hours by taking I 15 to Barstown and then CA247, but if you want to spend a little time exploring you could go through the Mojave National preserve and/or Joshua tree NP and make a bit of a day of it.

    From Palm Springs to Monterey will take about 8 hours via I 5 and 101 but you would be missing the spectacular scenery along the coast on CA1 from Morro bay. That's slow going and I would estimate 10 hours with the odd stop for a photo, plus any major stops. As you have 2 nights on the way to SF, I would stop the first night in Cambria and then Monterey and explore the coastal route.

    From Palm Springs you could head through Palmdale to avoid LA traffic traffic.

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    Default By all means, stay away from LA enroute from Palm Springs to Monterey.....

    Hello miqi,

    I think I'd avoid the Pearblossom Highway from I-15 near Victorville to Palmdale, too. It's congested and more than a little sketchy, having earned the reputation as one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

    Instead I'd look at US 395 north from I-15 near Victorville, across a short stretch of desert to CA 58, west to Bakersfield, to I-5 northwest of that burg. I'd then go north on I-5 just a bit, to CA 46 at Lost Hills, thence west through the Temblor Range (big brown hills) to Cholame. At Cholame, you can stop at the James Dean Memorial Junction, site of the September 30, 1955 car crash which took his life. You'll even be headed in the direction he was on that day, and you'll pass through the intersection where a college student turned across Dean headed for CA 41 and Dean, at over 100mph, T-boned him.

    Another GREAT drive is to remain on CA 58 at Bakersfield, cross the Temblor Range, to California Valley on the north edge of the Carrizo Plain National Monument. At California Valley, take Bitterwater Road north to CA 46 just a mile west of Cholame. You'll recognize CA 58 (the Carissa Highway) and the Bitterwater Road from the many automobile commercials filmed on each. If I recall correctly, the Bitterwater Road is around 30 miles from California Valley to Cholame, and it's one of the prettiest drives anywhere.

    From Cholame, CA 46 proceeds west through some beautiful wine country east of Paso Robles, crosses US 101, thence through the Coast Range to Cambria, a village which for my money is the prettiest town on the CA 1 (PCH) drive from Morro Bay to Monterey.


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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. They are really useful. I will go and study the map further. Have a gd weekend!

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