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  1. Default NYC to LA in 10 - 11 days!

    My friend (both Australian) and I are planning a road trip in late March, from NYC to LA, but we only have 10 - 11 days.

    We would like to see some sites along the way, so really want to know which states and towns to drive straight through and which ones to spend some time in.

    We want to see must-see American sites as well as getting a taste of the everyday. Classic roadside diners, bars etc.

    We particularly want to go through the deep South to get a taste of the America we've never seen. Thinking tenatively Washington DC, Virginia, N and S Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada.

    Would love to hear:

    A. whether that's doable in 10 days
    B. if it's the best route
    C. which places to stop in and which places to drive straight through.


    P.S. any suggestions on cheap one-way car rental would be appreciated too!

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    Default the unanswerable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the only question we can answer with any degree of certainty is that yes, you can drive from NY to LA in 10 days.

    However, the problem is that driving direct, it's a good 5 days of driving (8-10+ hour days on the freeway), and hitting the states you'd mentioned would increase that to about 8 days. That's not going to leave you much time at all to see anything beyond the car window.

    Beyond that, the rest of your questions are generally ones that don't have answers. There is no single "best route" nor is there a list of places that are "must sees" and there certainly are no places that you should avoid. The US is a huge country and each and every one of the thousands upon thousands of towns is unique, and has their own unique attractions.

    Finally, one way cross country car rental is pretty much always going to involve a surcharge of several hundred dollars. However, prices are always changing so you just have to shop around. If anything, you may have luck with a broker that is based outside of the US. Sometimes they will have lower rates than what is available directly through the rental companies.

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    Thanks so much! Might have to rethink the route then if the South is going to take that long! Definitely don't want to be driving ALL day!

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